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How We Got to Now – a message from Menno

Dear all,


I just read this beautiful book How We Got To Now – Six Innovations That Made The Modern World, by Steven Johnson. In the book, Johnson explores the history of innovation over centuries, tracing the development ...

Menno van Dijk
Article by Menno van Dijk
August 31st, 2015
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Trusting the Process


I’ve always been attracted to the edge – I’m not comfortable in a comfort zone. That curiosity and desire to embrace the unknown, to go to the edge and lean into ...

Easkey Britton
Article by Easkey Britton
August 24th, 2015
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Cook Ting and the rewards of mindful capitalism

THNK Faculty Feature: Alex Trisoglio

We sat down with THNK faculty member Alex Trisoglio—leadership coach by way of sub-atomic physics—for a conversation about today’s most perplexing contradiction in business: Is there room for mindfulness ...

Article by Kate Inglis
August 20th, 2015
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THNKers gathering at the Amani Institute in Nairobi

Roshan Paul words on the first-ever conference at the Amani Institute in Nairobi

As the THNK community grows and grows and as it re-designs the Accelerator Festival, I just wanted to share what happened ...

Roshan Paul
Article by Roshan Paul
August 4th, 2015
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