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Browse our collection of books on creative and innovation leadership. All books have been written by THNK Participants or our Faculty to spark your creativity and help you innovate. 


Scaling – small smart moves for outsized results



Authors Mark Turrell and Menno van Dijk, show how to achieve huge goals with minimum effort. There is a new science about how things scale, combining networks with emergence, and using the power of waves to create mass movements. Scaling is now also available on Amazon Kindle.


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Reframe Book



reframe book


A factory owner who encourages his employees to set their own salary, the sustainable production of cars, revolutionary ideas of Nietzsche, Kuhn & Serres. Karim Benammar shows how creativity emerges when people reframe their core beliefs.



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Eye Openers Book





Eye-openers, by Lieselotte Nooyen, are used to come to an important insight and are designed to help your team foster creativity and innovation by combining design-, critical-, system- & leadership thinking.



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Innovative Entrepreneur Essentials book


Innovative Entrepreneur Essentials book


The book Innovative Entrepreneur Essentials, produced by Hella Schmidt, covers the fundamental success factors for developing your concept or business idea into a successful enterprise.



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Innovative Enterprise Essentials book


Innovative Enterprise Essentials book


Businesses become obsolete at an ever increasing speed. Why do only a few companies have the natural drive for innovation? Innovative Enterprise Essentials is written by innovation leadership specialist Hella Schmidt.


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