Established in 2009, with our roots deep in Amsterdam, we share the city’s DNA: innovation, entrepreneurialism, and creativity. In 2015, THNK expanded internationally, opening homes in Vancouver and Lisbon. Discover more about THNK’s mission and values here.


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We’ve transformed an old girl’s school in the heart of Amsterdam into our global headquarters.




THNK Lisbon, Portugal


THNK School of Creative Leadership is also available in our third global home: Lisbon, Portugal.




THNK Vancouver, Canada


THNK is scaling up, we’re proud to have opened doors in Vancouver, Canada.





The Way We Work

A culture is felt and understood through experiences and stories. This is the way we work:

Clash + Flow

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We find the best ideas through passionate debate and the creative collision of perspectives. We inspire each other in an open way, free of fear. We aspire a state of flow where true creation occurs.

Presence + Vision

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We are always engaged in the present, fully grounded in the here and now. Yet we never lose our focus on a bold vision for a better future.

Strategy + Serendipity

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We strategize our best path to forward while we take full advantage of the opportunities resulting from our serendipitous encounters.

Pride + Humility

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The company we keep is one of admiration and trust. We are self-aware as individuals and as a collective. We give each other constructive feedback. No one is perfect but as a team we can be.

Provocative + Tolerant

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We have independent opinions and are never afraid to challenge each other. Yet we have deep respect for diversity of viewpoints and are always open to learn and reframe our beliefs.

Experiment + Perfection

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THNK is in perpetual beta. We are adaptive to experimentation and appreciate the learning that comes from failure. At the same time we always strive for perfection in execution.

Fast + Slow

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We move at high speed where possible and favor trial and error over deliberation. At the same time we move slowly where needed to protect our independence and values.






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