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Shifting mindsets towards Renewable Prosperity


Creative leadership from within and connecting with peers worldwide is, once again, a path Lisbon can co-own to prosper, with benefits for all. THNK will be Lisbon’s partner in this co-designed journey – promoting key global stakeholder engagement and networking to drive breakthrough change.

Livia Tirone, founder, THNK Lisbon



For more than 500 years, the sea-faring nation of Portugal has built trade and cultural ties and created dynamic networks worldwide.


It holds a privileged relationship with many countries in South America, Africa and Asia that is based on mutual respect, language and shared values. As far back as in the 15th Century, Portugal led Europe into a new age of globalization, reaching far beyond then-known territories. It is based on this tradition and history that in 2015 we opened the third global location of the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Lisbon.


Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city on the West coast of Europe, sought after for its Mediterranean climate, magical light, unique hospitality, gastronomy, and culture. Positioned on the Northern shore of the Tagus River estuary, Lisbon is a bridge between Europe, Africa, and America.


Its people are imaginative, daring, curious, talented, welcoming with strangers, sociable, and quick to adapt and to follow trends. They make do when scarcity strikes and are generous when prosperity reigns – when working in contexts that invite creativity and innovation, they become thriving entrepreneurs.


THNK Lisbon will provide one more fertile home for creative leaders from all over the world. Together they will meet, sense, envision, prototype, and scale relevant solutions for critical societal challenges. These will be globally relevant as well as locally acute, difficult to confront yet fascinating, and immediate although persistent. Photo below: Northern view from the Vasco da Gama Tower.




THNK Lisboa


The February class of 2016 will work on the Challenge topic Renewable Prosperity, and will develop projects starting with the following creative question: How might we contribute to designing, prototyping and scaling a societal model that allows all people to access quality living conditions, by drawing from available and abundant endogenous and renewable resources?


Lisbon has every possibility to thrive on this topic, due to its natural access to abundant endogenous resources, such as water and rainwater, wind and solar energy, good will to share and care… needing only a shift in the mindsets of decision makers to allow these strategic advantages to reach deeper and wider into society. This and reframing the role of the end user to prosumer can be part of THNK’s contribution.


“Creative leadership from within, connecting with peers world wide is, once again, a path Lisbon can co-own to prosper, with benefits for all. THNK will be Lisbon’s partner in this journey – facilitating stakeholder engagement, enabling global networking and driving innovation.”

Livia Tirone & Alexandra Coimbra, THNK Lisbon



THNK Lisbon has secured its home I by partnering with the Oceanário de Lisboa. The presence modules of the Executive Leadership Programme are mostly spent in the Sofia de Mello Breyner room, where participants are embraced by an infinite view over the Tagus River Estuary, tasty and healthy food in accordance with the THNK Food Manifesto and a great team of THNK faculty and coaches.


Water is a leitmotiv in THNK Lisbon, due to the astonishing location, the partner’s iconic building and the challenge topic.


The Challenge Partner for THNK Lisbon’s founding class was the Municipality of Lisbon, with whom the Callenge topic focused on fixing talent locally.






THNK Lisbon is one of the fertile homes for creative leaders from all over the globe to meet and sense, envision, prototype, and scale relevant solutions for critical societal challenges. It will focus specifically on themes shared by cities like Lisbon, and on the paradigm shifts towards a Renewable Prosperity.






Twelve months part-time and on-line Program. The first four months of the program include eighteen days on campus, followed by an eight-month Acceleration phase, online and on-the-job, which is deferrable by up to one year.


2017 Program 1 dates:
  • Module 1: 23rd until 28th of February 2017
  • Module 2:6th until 11th of April 2017
  • Module 3: 18th until 23rd of May 2017


2017 Program 2 dates:
  • Module 1: 21st until 26th of September 2017
  • Module 2: 26th until 31st of October 2017
  • Module 3: 30th of November until 5th of December 2017






The interactive and experience-based learning will be designed by master practitioners from THNK’s core faculty. Together the international faculty will create vibrant environments for our classes.


Specialists from all walks of live will share their insights with Participants as they address Challenge topics. Leadership coaching relies on some of the best local talents, to accompany participants on their individual journey. Top experts offer their mentorship to Participants while they develop their Accelerator projects. Forum Guests from all over the globe will bring their powerful visions and real experiences and relay their life stories, sharing successes and failures and how the highs and lows have contributed to making them better individuals, while also scaling impact.





Fellow participants, forum guests, together with THNK faculty are the inspiration that drives the Community participants enter when they enrol in the Executive Leadership Program. This network of Creative Leaders spans the globe and continues to grow.


The city of Lisbon welcomes THNK!


The Oceanário de Lisboa, THNK Lisbon’s home, opens its doors every year to one million curious visitors from all over the globe. By raising awareness on ocean preservation, it seeks to inspire visitors to take a more active role in this mission. During the 1998 World Exhibition, the Oceanário de Lisboa initiated the kick off of the transformation of the city’s dumpsite into this European flagship of urban development. If you want to visit us, contact us at!


With its prime location, overlooking the entire Tagus River estuary, and with open naturally lit spaces, the Oceanário de Lisboa welcomes THNK participants as the THNK Lisbon home.


Oceanário de Lisboa S.A.  Auditório Mar da Palha
s/nº Esplanada Dom Carlos I,
1990-005 Lisbon

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