Vancouver is where the word ‘Generation X’ was born. This is where Greenpeace came to life; where snow-capped mountains meet the great ocean; where a uniquely western spirit of discovery and invention expands the scope of everyone who touches down here. Imbued with a 10,000-year history of indigenous culture and situated halfway between Asia and Europe, Vancouver is a gathering point.


With its fascinating contradictions—a ‘hedge city’ with a need for more accessible housing, a legacy of mineral extraction plus a commitment to become the greenest city 
in the world by 2020—Vancouver is one of the world’s most progressive playgrounds for innovators. As a hub of digital and alternative currencies, brand-new concepts of a Prosperous Planet and the Future of Capital(ism) emerge here.

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“We’ve used the THNK process and tools to uncover new insights and opportunities that have had measurable impact on our business.”



Harry Odenhoven

Head of Customer Experience





Today, it’s not business as usual. We face new challenges for new times. Companies that will thrive in the 21st Century will be led by executives who acknowledge the forces shaping their environment and possess the humility to recognize the need for continuous exploration. Organizations must cultivate frameworks for innovation – the systems, tools, talent, and diversity – to ensure future viability in the face of a rapidly changing landscape and overwhelming complexity.


From Rogers to VodafoneVancity to FIFA, we’ve trained teams in a method capable of transforming challenges into market opportunities. Connect with our VP of Program Management, Erin Cooper, and begin building a culture of innovation that is aligned with your organization’s unique brand and purpose.





THNK is situated in the ground floor of the Sun Tower – one of Vancouver’s most beloved downtown heritage buildings – in a space called The Home. In collaboration with leading design firm Evoke, THNK’s Home is inspired by its Dutch roots, global community’s lineage, and the Canadian wilderness that surrounds it.


We share The Home with like-minded organizations for events and workshops. Contact us to find out more.


“It’s this combination of using the unexpected, fostering deep collaboration between a cast of unlikely characters through experiences, and learning by doing amid real life problem solving that makes the anti-classroom of THNK stand out.”


Forbes Magazine








In addition to years of executive experience, our faculty taps into Olympic lineage, Hollywood-bred storytelling vision, World Bank credibility, and Buddhist tenets of a clear mind as the springboard to idea-making.


The Vancouver team is a multi-discipline collective of storytellers, leadership coaches, entrepreneurs, and designers who come together to ignite new possibilities. Co-founded by Sarah Dickinson and Lee Feldman, THNK Vancouver’s core faculty has experience with some of the world’s most innovative brands and agencies plus personal stories of positive change, entrepreneurship, and transformation.


Faculty members include facilitator/coach Alex Trisoglio, THNK alumna and Challenge Faculty Director Kaz Brecher, and former Banff Leadership School Director Elaine Broe.






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Oona Eager

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Erin Cooper

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