Alaa Ghanimah

Professional Title: Founder

Industry: Communications

Currently with: Untitled

Previously with: BeStudio Design, Hashtag Social Media Agency

THNK Connection: Creative Leadership Program


Ala’a Ghanimah is a passionate communications strategist and a recent driven entrepreneur working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


After graduating from King Saud University, she found her career in Communications working with Hill & Knowlton Strategies, Riyadh office, where she specialized in social media communications and local market development. Ala’a built her career in communications and marketing while learning from the field and working in it, with the help and blessing of successful mentors and continuous self-education.


While shifting from a more corporate background, Ala’a found her true passion putting her knowledge and expertise in action while working closer with the Saudi Market by joining the creative entrepreneurial world.


As the former Managing Director & Business Development Manager of BeStudio Creative Design House, for a period of 3 years, she led and directed the studio to become a major creative name in Saudi Arabia as they delivered outstanding quality design and understanding in creativity, branding, and brand communications. Certified in 2016 as ‘Recommended Branding Agency’ Riyadh City Guide by The Times.


Ala’a is currently venturing on her personal endeavor to innovate a collaborative Communications and Design Hub that is customized for local Middle Eastern Market aiming at empowering youth and supporting creative entrepreneurs and artists to build on their raw creativity providing them with the required environment and tools to develop, create, and innovate.


When she is not working, Ala’a is a wander-luster and curious traveler. Her passion and diverse background of arts, music, culture and heritage constantly takes her to various expeditions and impulse adventure travels. Her experiences have taught her a lot about human behavior, cultures and lead her to find inspiration in her surroundings. She considers living to be the best way to gain knowledge and learn to better communicate.