Cristina Loureiro

Professional Title: Energy Solutions Manager
Industry: Utilities/Energy
Currently with: Galp (Gas & Power)
Previously with: Galp (Oil & Gas)
THNK Connection: Creative Leadership Program



Cristina joined Galp in 2008, to work on the biggest Portuguese Oil & Gas industrial project done over the last decades. Most of her career has been in the energy sector. She has a Master degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at FEUP – Porto University and attended an internal corporate program to develop sales skills at Porto Business School, complementing her engineering competencies.


Recently she joined the gas & power sector dedicating her time to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, also becoming a member of the energy services company, Galp Soluções de Energia. Here she supports Galp Clients to improve the energy environmental performance of their facilities, by putting in place energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.


Continuously exploring new avenues to find solutions for professional and personal challenges, Cristina is passionate about learning and about hand crafting. She devotes her leisure time to trekking in nature and painting oil on canvas.