Emma Gaudry

Professional Title: Manager

Industry: Defence and Security

Currently with: Australian Government

Previously with: NGO and non-profit organisations

THNK Connection: Creative Leadership Program


Currently residing in Belgium, Emma works in the defence and security sector.  Her 20 years of professional work experience have also included employment with a humanitarian NGO and as a non-executive director on a not-for-profit board aimed at providing assistance to military personal. As someone who prioritises leadership over a role when selecting appointments, she enjoys learning from others and working collaboratively in diverse teams to create solutions to challenging problems.  Opportunities to live and work in Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe have provided her with the chance to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of humanity. Those who, regardless of their situation, greet others with a smile, are gracious and welcoming to complete strangers, have inspired her.


Not 100% sure where life is going to take her next, through THNK she is focused on harnessing and progressing her curiosity for creating long-term positive impacts on local communities and those less fortunate through authentic human connection, local design, and hospitality.  How this is going to evolve she’s uncertain, but there is change afoot!