Femke Bartels

Professional Title: Global Managing Director & Partner

Industry: Education Management

Currently with: THNK School of Creative Leadership

Previously with: Greenpeace Mexico, Greenpeace, European Parliament, Dutch Ministry of Environment

THNK Connection: Management & Creative Leadership Program



Femke Bartels is Managing Director of THNK since April 2016. Born in the Netherlands, she studied Political Sciences and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a Master of Public Administration at the University of Twente. Being part of THNK Class 1, she is a founding participant of the Creative Leadership Program.


Throughout her career she has been working successfully with teams distributed around the world. As such, Femke has a long history of setting up public campaigns to achieve social change. During her former job as Executive Director at Greenpeace Mexico she provided leadership, vision and strategic direction to 150 employees, 4 offices, 3000 volunteers, 50.000 donors and over a million of supporters.


Femke is innovative and results-driven. She is passionate and inspired by multiculturalism, by cross-fertilizing projects with insights and ideas from around the world.

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