Itai Talmi

Professional Title: Founder BORN | Creative entrepreneur

Industry: Management Consulting

Currently with: Collage of Management, THNK – School of Creative Leadership, BORN strategic futures R&D firm

Previously with: MEWE Culture, Dave, MEMPHIS Cultural development

THNK Connection: Creative Leadership Program


Itai Talmi, Founding Participant of THNK.


I’m an innovation catalyst, business creativity expert, creative entrepreneur.  I help teams amplify, reconstruct, and unleash big ideas. Often called in as a “fixer”. I frequently called to resolve vexing challenges/problems in: business creativity, unconventional innovation, brand trajectory/potential, customer retention, with large to small public & private entities.


I hold Over 25 years of global experience, as senior consultant & Executive, for fortune 500 companies, NPOs, Entrepreneurs, SMB, Startups.


Background: over 25 years of conventional/unconventional practical experience in: business creativity, design thinking, corporate strategy, brand development, Customer Ecosystem & Experience.


Side passion: Mentoring pioneers, leaders, on unconventional approaches, innovation, brand &customer experience, design thinking, big ideas, Scaling.


Lectures: Future Brand ecosystems/orgs, unconventional Innovation, Applied imagination/Creativity, Customer experience innovation.


In 2013 I co-founded MEWE. Entrepreneurship is a super hot global economy of dreams. But not everybody gets an equal playground. Many desire to become one. Many wish to support entrepreneurs. MEWE wants to make Entrepreneurship accessible. MEWE app is a Runway hub for Entrepreneurship. We want to enable the lowest entry barrier to Entrepreneurship. Now, entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors can uniquely engage and support entrepreneurial teams, from their mobile phone.


MEWE gives committed entrepreneurial Teams the best stage to prove why they deserve your support. MEWE is offering a resource exchange platform supporting team performance around idea development. MEWE app empowers and leverages collaboration between inexperienced entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and the Crowd-Investment community.

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