Jack Bartrop

Professional Title: Digital Marketing Manager

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Currently with: THNK – School of Creative Leadership

Previously with: Friday Media Group, Big Group

THNK Connection: Management



Jack is passionate about exploring the potential of online communities and creating engaging multimedia projects.


His position as Digital Marketing Manager at THNK gives him the responsibility of optimising the THNK website, improving the user experience and managing social media channels.


Originally from Brighton, UK, he has several years experience at a number of digital agencies in the UK, and is always looking to develop his understanding of new tools.


Before exploring a career in digital marketing, he completed a BA in Media and Cultural studies and an MA in Media Practice for International Development at the University of Sussex where he focused mainly on documentary filmmaking.


In his spare time, he runs a website called Safe House Co, a shared platform for a number of creative companies to collaborate and promote their products to a shared audience.

Blogs by Jack

Create Change: Join the Amsterdam Creative Leadership Program

The need for a new generation of leaders has never been greater. Across every sector and in every corner of our planet, urgent challenges are mounting, and so are the opportunities. For purposeful, ...

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2016 THNK Year In Review

2016 has been THNK’s most expansive year to date, with now over 450 people passing through the THNK School of Creative Leadership. We head into 2017 still driven by our core values, remaining closely ...

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Live and Work in the Netherlands as a Start-Up Entrepreneur

A city of commerce and entrepreneurism, Amsterdam has long been a melting pot and meeting point for people to come together and ferment world-changing ideas. THNK is pleased therefore to join a small ...

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Watch THNK FSTVL 2016 Highlights

On the weekend of October 7th, 8th and 9th, the annual THNK FSTVL took place at the THNK Home in the heart of Amsterdam. This year’s FSTVL focused on the theme of Resilience and ...

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Amsterdam: European Capital of Innovation

Amsterdam has been crowned European Capital of Innovation in the annual iCapital competition, organized by the European Commission. A panel of independent experts judged the nine finalist cities based on four key areas of urban ...

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OuiShare Fest Paris 2016: Exploring The Edges

Bringing together 1500 creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from 40 countries, OuiShare Fest provides the opportunity to ‘explore the edges’ of the economy, society and ourselves.


OuiShare is an international ...

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Reflections on preserving the ‘we-feeling’ of online communities

With diversity—fresh faces, ideas, perspectives—tribes grow. The ‘we-feeling‘ of shared interest and purpose transcends geographical and cultural differences, as we’ve witnessed at THNK. It’s true of all communities with an online homebase—as conversations and collaborations spread, it ...

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2015 THNK Year in Review

2015 has been THNK’s most expansive year to date, with now over 300 people passing through the THNK School of Creative Leadership. We head into 2016 still driven by our core values, remaining ...

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Best of the Week – November Week 4

Taking into account both the successes and failures others’ of ideas can help give perspective on the way we approach innovation. By sharing these lessons, the THNK Community help one another to frame their future projects. Here are ...

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Best of the Week – November Week 3

Inspiration can strike at any point, and forcing serendipity will often end in frustration. The THNK Community supports one another to take steps forward by sharing the inspirational ideas of others. Here are our favourite ...

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Best of the Week – November Week 2

The end of a week can often leave you feeling in desperate need of inspiration and motivation. Whether it is the future of your own personal journey or the future of the world, ...

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Watch THNK FSTVL 2015 Highlights

During the weekend of September 25, 26, and 27 2015, the first edition of THNK FSTVL took place at the new THNK Home in Amsterdam. THNK participants from all over the world joined ...

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Best of the Week – November Week 1

Sometimes the concept of keeping your ear to the ground is far easier said than done when applied to finding inspiring stories on the Internet. Fortunately, with so many ears to the ground, ...

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