Karim Benammar

Professional Title: Philosopher, author, thinking tools and workshops. Content developer and facilitator at THNK School of Creative Leadership

Industry: Higher Education

Currently with: THNK School of Creative Leadership, Plethora, The School of Life

Previously with: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Kobe University

THNK Connection: Faculty


Karim Benammar is a philosopher specialized in thinking techniques and paradigm shifts. At THNK, curator and moderator of forum sessions and content producer. Studied philosophy in England, the United States and Japan. Former associate professor at Kobe University. Author of Abundance and Reframing.


– Designing creativity tools

– Leading workshops on Reframing for Innovation

– Researching and writing on paradigm shifts

Blogs by Karim

Linear to Complex

Here are some sound pieces of advice: the more you know about a system, the better you are at predicting its behavior. If you want a large outcome, then put a large amount ...

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Free download of new book ‘Platform Scale’ by THNK forum guest Sangeet Choudary

Platforms are taking over the world. You are probably using many more platforms than you realise: Google, Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, WhatsApp and Skype – but also Android, App stores, blogs, ...

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Show me the money: five ways to finance social enterprise

Many start-ups dream of getting venture capital funding. After all, what is more exciting than getting millions to develop your new killer App or sharing platform? Venture funding brings in not only the ...

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A surprising way to change behavior

We tend to believe that the best way to change people’s behavior is by appealing to their sense of responsibility and community. In order for people to do good, it seems logical to ...

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Falling in love with plastic – Mitchell Joachim

How can we rethink the vast quantities of waste we produce every day, especially in large cities? How can we find a different way of looking at trash? Mitchell Joachim, co-founder of Terreform ...

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Successful Online Learning: Reframing 5 core beliefs about education

Online learning is experiencing a metamorphosis. Like a cocoon transforming into a butterfly, online education is maturing and meeting the demands of the 21st century. Ebooks are replacing textbooks, smartboards are replacing whiteboards ...

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Aubrey de Grey – Who wants to live forever?

Would you want an extra decade or two of healthy lifespan, if you could get it through advances in longevity research? Does the thought that old age is a disease like any other, ...

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Humanity 2.0: do we have a moral obligation to enhance ourselves?

What if you could make yourself better by taking a pill? Faster, smarter, with a better memory – but also kinder, or more altruistic? What about the ability to sense magnetic fields through ...
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Writing Reframing and reframing writing

Editors note: this article was written by Karim Benammar, Curator here at THNK. He’s also a philosopher, trainer in thinking techniques, consultant and former associate professor at Kobe University. And he just wrote ...

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The radicalization of 21st-century humans

TAKE A STAND | The French philosopher, Michel Serres, outlines five ways 21st century humans will radically differ from the way we’ve lived since the beginnings of recorded history. How can we create ...

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