Kate Inglis

Professional Title: brand strategist / writer / author-by-night

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Currently with: Beyond, Kate Inglis

Previously with: Blast Radius, Pivotal Corporation, Whitehill Technologies

THNK Connection: Management Vancouver


Kate Inglis is THNK Vancouver’s storyteller-in-residence. She is a novelist and twenty-year veteran of brand strategy and narrative for both aspirational and established corporations, from Whole Foods (noted by the James Beard Awards and Mashable for being among the best corporate content in social media) to Yoxi, Beyond, Telus, Blast Radius, NATIONAL Public Relations, Vision Critical, and THNK.

Blogs by Kate

My time at THNK: marine educator Melanie Knight brings the ocean to eye level

The first time she stepped into an aquarium and touched a seastar, Melanie Knight was struck by the beauty and diversity of ocean life. After volunteering, she had chosen her life’s work. As ...

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Co-creating a better world: the fresh air of THNK in Vancouver

When mountains meet the ocean, everyone’s sense of possibility is multiplied. Here’s a look inside THNK Vancouver: at unexpected collaborations and sparks; design thinking in-process; and an unlikely team of innovators scaling up the ...

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SheEO celebrates making equal space in the THNK space

What an evening of celebrating and hosting—yesterday, the THNK doors in Vancouver opened for SheEO, the movement to support and nurture the growth of female-led enterprises. It’s a family celebration—we celebrated THNK Alumna ...

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A new model for female-centric leadership: on valuing social good

On a day when inclusive leadership is on our mind, THNK Vancouver participant and SheEO Radical Generosity Fund recipient Madeleine Shaw shares her thoughts on how ideas originate in a new and more diverse model of ...

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My time at THNK: designing a city’s path-to-most-resilience

As a graduate of THNK Vancouver’s first class, urban planner and community development expert Pamela Puchalski works to move cities and communities into a better future—which means shepherding an incredibly complex web of ...

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Eric Liu’s power (and timeliness) of good citizenship

“Have you ever watched someone become American?” writes Citizen University founder Eric Liu in Time Magazine. “Last week, at a national citizenship conference I organize, thirty immigrants from 17 countries swore an oath and became ...

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For greater impact, re-wire the fight-or-flight instinct

We sat down with embodied leadership coach and THNK facilitator Bettina Rothe to find out what it means to stand your ground in the face of the stress typical to leadership.


You introduce people to ...

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Join us: THNK takes sustainability beyond ideas at GLOBE 2016

“How can we aspire to not just stop destroying, but heal the planet? Nobody talks about that. I’d like to do more than just save what’s left. I’d like to rejuvenate the planet ...

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TED-talking, dreaming big, and shooting for the moon

“Failure is always an option.” —Adam Savage of Mythbusters


This year, the theme of the TED conference was ‘Dream’. And not just everyday dreams. Great, big, all-caps, world-reinventing dreams.




“The TED Conference always celebrates dreams,” reads ...

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Nature or nurture? The creative brain’s approach

In Creative people’s brains really do work differently by from Quartz Magazine, Carolyn Gregoire and Scott Barry Kaufman, authors of Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind, pose an interesting hypothesis.



They note ...

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THNK Vancouver Pitch Night: A celebration of ‘What if…’

A bunch of like-minded entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and social impact adventurists in a room, mandated to dream up whatever they like—new models of currency, economy, community, communication. It’s Pitch Night at THNK Vancouver, where ...

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Meeting of the Minds Report hints at the excitement around Future of Capitalism findings

As committed as we are to sharing ideas across sectors, we’re delighted to have contributed to the just-released Meeting of the Minds 2015 Report on urban sustainability & connected technology. The annual MOTM summit in ...

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My Time at THNK: Reimagining healthcare in a state of flow

In this edition of  My Time At THNK, we sit down with Anita Palepu, Professor of General Internal Medicine at the University of British Columbia. As a healthcare advocate and Vancouver participant, Anita ...

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Entrepreneur’s slow-it-down mindset impacts poverty

In this edition of My Time At THNK, we talk to entrepreneur Mark Brand, whose technology solution for the upward mobility of homeless people in Vancouver upcycles smartphones to create a closed, token-like currency ...

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Vision for a pristine India, one railway at a time

‘Saaf’, the Hindi word for ‘clean’, is Shammy Jacob’s audacious idea. His project aims to inspire Indians to respect and care for common spaces, and to introduce waste management systems and cultural change ...

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The Marco Polo Project: sharing stories to evaporate fear and feed growth

In our ‘Trailblazers’ series, we bring you perspectives on creative leadership, social innovation, and positive change from THNK’s worldwide participant community. Today, Kate Inglis interviews Australia-based social impact entrepreneur Julien Leyre, Class 7 ...

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The outdoors prescription: how nature ignites creativity

A conversation with THNK Vancouver faculty member Uwe Gesierich is best had on a rocky beach. As leadership coach and chief engineer of getting Vancouver participants out into the woods, Uwe gets to ...

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THNKing the innovation rainbow

What diversity looks like amongst change makers

At THNK, we say that we gather ‘like minds’ to tackle grand challenges, but the people we gather are only ‘like’ in that they’re all deeply experienced ...

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Global Community Gathers at THNK FSTVL

The Energy of A Circle

  Poverty and the income gap.… The state of food and nutritional abundance in the world.… Learning and literacy.… Human vitality in the technology age.… Shelter and housing for all….


What if ...

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THNK Vancouver Class One: Passing The Flame

At the Meeting of the Minds dinner in Vancouver, a newly-tight circle of THNK Class One collaborators welcomed a new batch of creative leaders for Class Two.


As dusk settled over the Union ...

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Cook Ting and the rewards of mindful capitalism

THNK Faculty Feature: Alex Trisoglio

We sat down with THNK faculty member Alex Trisoglio—leadership coach by way of sub-atomic physics—for a conversation about today’s most perplexing contradiction in business: Is there room for mindfulness ...

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Trailblazers: Michael Radke – Ubuntu Lab scales human understanding with a surprising entrepreneurial spirit

In our ‘Trailblazers’ series, we bring you perspectives on creative leadership, social innovation, and positive change from THNK’s worldwide participant community. Today, Kate Inglis interviews Michael Radke, Director of Special Projects at the ...

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THNK Vancouver class 1 brings community ideas into action

“An industry-toppling, government-shifting, sector-disrupting revolution is underway,” forecasted provocateur and THNK alumni Michell Zappa on the evolution of monetary systems. The very same revolution is pushing change on every front, from the economy ...

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The characters of THNK: how diversity feeds impact

It’s not enough to ‘seek the rainbow’, if by ‘rainbow’ you’re referring to a mix of people from many places. When assembling teams for collaboration, corporate or otherwise, a recent study by the ...
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Vancouver Challenge update: the creative boost of slowing down


“Times are urgent. We must slow down.” Charles Eisenstein



Eisenstein, an author and public speaker, has a way of toying with the typical way of things—as a THNK Forum guest during the second module of ...

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On loving Monday: living the gift with Charles Eisenstein

You’ve powered out, past the channel through a maze of buoys and mooring lines. You turn the engine off and hoist the mainsail and the jib. The rigging goes taut and your keel ...

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Trailblazers — Heidi Boisvert on her quest to re-humanize technology


In our ‘Trailblazers’ series, we bring you perspectives on creative leadership, social innovation, and positive change from THNK’s worldwide participant community. Today, Heidi Boisvert—designer, creative technologist, founder of futurePerfect lab and co-founder of ...

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What co-creation looks like: a future-making primer


“The human brain had a vast memory storage. It made us curious and very creative. Those were the characteristics that gave us an advantage—curiosity, creativity and memory.


And that brain did something very special. It ...
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A Hint of Spring: February Innovation Events

Spring may still be a distant dream for many, as we divide our time between digging out of snowdrifts and cozying up inside. At THNK, we’re heading to several events this week inspired ...

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THNK Vancouver’s fly on the wall: scenes from opening weekend

I paused for a moment on the couch by the bookcase that swings open and leads to another room. This place is full of this kind of stuff, all of it amounting to ...

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Coming home to THNK: Vancouver’s newest creative space

I walked through the doors of THNK’s Amsterdam home—a splash of creativity rooted in an invigorating generosity of space—and realized, as everyone does:



Amazing things start here. They must.



Curiosity is at the heart of THNK, ...

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Trailblazers: Lee Feldman’s barefoot-building Rajasthan moment

In our ‘Trailblazers’ series, we bring you perspectives on creative leadership, social innovation, and positive change from THNK’s worldwide participant community. Today, writer and strategist Kate Inglis speaks to Lee Feldman, Founder and Partner ...

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