Lamya AlRashed

Professional Title: Consultant

Industry: Art

Currently with: Abu Dhabi Art Fair 

Previously with: Lam Art Gallery

THNK Connection: Creative Leadership Program



Lamya AlRashed is an artist and entrepreneur.


She earned a BA of visual communications and a minor in illustration. She attended Marymount University, Arlington VA, and then the American University in London.


After graduating, Lamya moved to Saudi Arabia and worked briefly as a copy writer at an advertising agency in Riyadh. Following that experience, she started her post graduate diploma at Christie’s education in the subject of history of art.


Lamya afterwards moved back to Saudi Arabia and started Lam Art Gallery in 2010, to be the first art gallery of its kind to ever open in Riyadh, showcasing mainly local artists and giving them the platform in Riyadh, as well as looking after getting them into good studio abroad programs as well as exhibiting the works of the local artists at international art fairs, giving them the right exposure they wanted.


After 5 years of the gallery work, Lamya decided to rethink the future of Lam Art Gallery and took a break in late 2015 to focus on developing new avenues to further develop Lam Art and her work in the art/social scene.


At the moment, Lamya works at the family office and as a consultant to Abu Dhabi Art Fair. She lives between Riyadh, Dubai and London.