Mark Vernooij


Professional Title: Partner

Industry: Management Consulting

Currently with: THNK School of Creative Leadership, De Nationale DenkTank

Previously with: McKinsey & Company, Gimaft, Bliss webdesign

THNK Connection: Management


I’m passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, education and solving difficult problems!


I love to help individuals, start-ups and large organizations become more innovative. I love to work with inspiring and dynamic leaders to address the world’s pressing and inspiring challenges and I love to do so at scale.


My entrepreneurial background (I founded several ventures before THNK), my experience as board member and coach of start-ups and my experience as innovation & strategy consultant (with Accenture and McKinsey) help me to do so. At THNK I focus on our executive program, in-company innovation programs and online innovation (online courses, platforms and tools).


I studied engineering at Delft University of Technology, received an MBA from INSEAD and learned Design Thinking at Stanford. When I’m not at work, I enjoy racing cars (two years in the Dutch Rally Championship), cycling, boating on Amsterdam’s canals and walking my dog at the beach. After living in Switzerland, France, Singapore and Hong Kong I enjoy living in the city center of Amsterdam.

Blogs by Mark

A Davos State Of Mind

THNK Partner, Mark Vernooij shares insights gained from his trip to the 2017 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland where global decision-makers convened over the topic of Responsive and Responsible Leadership. 



It’s hard ...

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Half-full or half-empty? Reflecting on what’s next, post-World Economic Forum

Fresh from the World Economic Forum at Davos, Mark Vernooij reflects on the global establishment and its ability to not only invite, but truly integrate new voices. Does his experience of having been there ...

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PULSE’s innovation vision to be shared at Biz Innovation Forum Bucharest & Brain Bar Budapest

PULSE, the innovation platform developed by THNK School of Creative Leadership in collaboration with Collaborne, is finally coming out in public for the attendees of the Biz Innovation Forum in Bucharest this May ...

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Accelerating innovation in your company

If you ask CEOs whether they are looking for more innovation, most of them say yes. Actually, reports show that 84% would say that innovation is important to their growth strategy and 80% ...

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Successful Online Learning: Reframing 5 core beliefs about education

Online learning is experiencing a metamorphosis. Like a cocoon transforming into a butterfly, online education is maturing and meeting the demands of the 21st century. Ebooks are replacing textbooks, smartboards are replacing whiteboards ...

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Creating a School of Innovating Piranhas

Nike’s design innovation director Tom de Blasis once said, “The world needs a school of innovating Piranhas attacking all the plankton-like problems that this world suffers instead of hoping for a whale to ...
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THNK DIY – Learn how to think differently

Henry Ford famously said that if he had given people what they wanted, he would have had to come up with faster horses. When you’re facing a problem or when you are stuck ...

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