Robert Wolfe

Professional Title: Core Faculty at THNK School of Creative Leadership

Industry: Professional Training & Coaching

Currently with: THNK School of Creative Leadership, author

Previously with: Amani Institute, Design Thinking Program for World Economic Forum at Wharton and Columbia University, Stanford University MediaX Global Innovation Leadership Program

THNK Connection: Faculty


Robert Wolfe has been part of THNK faculty since the beginning of THNK as a leadership coach, storytelling trainer and innovation facilitator. Before he was a management trainer and personal coach in many countries, an improv actor, and he still is a writer of fiction novels for young adults. He specializes in experiential learning and voice dialogue.

Blogs by Robert

Storytelling: strong enough to be weak

My favorite night at THNK is the storytelling night. There are obvious reasons: the beautiful stories we hear, the opportunity to be with our participants for five hours straight, and that we have ...

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Creative leaders embrace change

THNK = creative leaders with a project

Most of our participants, creative leaders, come to THNK with a project, a dream mission they are aspiring to fulfill. Naturally they are all in different stages: ...

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Storytelling – Have you made your call a gift?

We are in a storytelling workshop. Not just any storytelling, mind you. We are telling stories that move to act. These are stories that aim to make the audience get up and do ...

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Make new rules – even silly ones – to change the world

As two teams are about to play football, the facilitator introduces a novel rule: the scoring cannot start until one of the ladies in the teams has scored. He then invites the teams ...

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The future of education

An explorative mindset is a valuable asset for a creative leader. At THNK we see the ability to seek inspiration from different sources as a signature strength. As already two of the challenges ...
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mediaX/THNK Global Innovation Leadership Program at Stanford

Global Innovation Leadership Program by mediaX at Stanford University and THNK (February 17-20, 2014)


“In a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty, creativity is the most important leadership quality, according to CEOs. Creative leaders expect ...
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When Aha meets Haha

Teamtalk  | It was only 5 minutes in when the magic started to happen. We were in the peer-coaching workshop and had just started the pushing for insights and surfacing assumptions exercise, ...

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TAKE A STAND | At THNK we put much thought into creative team selection or, as we call it, “casting the creative clash”. We strive for a lot of diversity, but not all ...

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Born winners don’t exist. Neither do born losers.

TEAMTALK | Recently, the former coach of the Dutch women’s field hockey team spoke about talent to an audience of filmmakers. When selecting players, he would often give the assignment to change their ...

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