Rodria Laline

Professional Title: Founder and CEO

Industry: Executive Office

Currently with: Intrabond Capital, Holdings, INSEAD Executive Education, THNK School of Creative Leadership

Previously with: Business School University of Amsterdam, Colorbond Holdings, Oracle Corporation

THNK Connection: Acceleration Mentor


Rodria Laline has been CEO of global research and development collaborations with IBM, ING, Hewlett-Packard, Bull, Elsevier, Oracle, Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel and Philips. In the value chains of boundary spanning collaborative leadership she crossed silos to integrate disrupt technologies in distinctive socio-political environments. She has over 30 years international line management responsibility and lived and worked in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, India, the Netherlands, America, and Spain.


Innovation unlocks the potential in people to overcome resistance to change, and challenges both people and organizations to make the U-curve without any external organizing principle being applied. As once someone wisely said: “A long term cooperative thinking structure offers a creative leadership home base for those interested to find the common ground around shared goals”. THNK has challenged participants from all over the world to think about the practical means to achieve this.


Rodria Laline is acceleration mentor and leadership coach at THNK and supports the millennial generation at THNK in their quest to drive a breakthrough change. Presently she is also one of the academic directors of the Maximize Your Board’s Potential program at the Harvard Faculty Club. She is founder of Intrabond Capital and certified by the American Association of Corporate Board Directors NACD on the role of boards in strategy and risks. Rodria has a doctoral degree in physics and holds various board directorships.

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