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Creative Leadership Program participants embark on their very own personal challenge as part of the Endeavor Project phase. Supported by a mentor and team of master practitioners, participants are guided to scale-up their personal endeavour. Browse our archive of past Endeavor ventures below.




Endeavor Projects

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THNK participant Michel Bachmann is launching a “decelerator” as opposed to all the accelerators out there. deceler8.me runs peer-driven retreats to help fast-paced entrepreneurs slow down and refocus their energy. 


Previously, ...

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Appropriate IT Development Academy

Appropriate IT Development Academy is the Accelerator project of THNK participant Usha Venkatachallam. AIDA is a learning program that challenges today’s youth to become highly skilled, employable, and socially engaged leaders of ...
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The accelerator project of THNK participant Jon Gosier was founded to support citizen when their voices are threatened. Abayima developed technology that allows people to use their phones, even when no service ...
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Re-Up.me  is the accelerator project of Voltaire X, a young sociologist and social entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. Re-Up.me is a mobile app that can measure the amount of willpower people have ...
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Stample is the accelerator project of participant Edward Silhol. Stample is a gorgeous interface for the semantic web, and the world’s first secure distributed social network.


Edward initially envisioned Stample ...

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Democratizing biotech and promoting citizen science are the main goals of Genspace, the accelerator project of THNK participant Ellen Jorgenson.


Ellen is passionate about DNA and wants everyone to have ...

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Curious Catalyst

Kaz Brecher is the daughter of two rocket scientists.  She learned firsthand that the greatest impact can be achieved when rigorous investigation and implementation are combined. During her time at THNK, ...
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Amani Institute

Amani Institute is the Accelerator project of THNK participant Roshan Paul. The Amani Institute is about developing whole individuals who have the knowledge and practical skills required to solve today’s problems ...
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Schools traditionally don’t teach creative thinking and sometimes it is even systematically discouraged. Yet in a changing world there is a great need for a new generation of creative ...
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TTC is the Accelerator project of THNK creative leadership program participant Hajo van Beijma. TTC is about bringing personal, private, and free of charge health information to those who need ...
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How are we going to live in the future? With his accelerator project Tribewanted, THNK participant Ben Keene  is exploring this idea by building example communities.  


Over the last six ...

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C-Notes is an online platform and accelerator project of  THNK participant Heather Moore. The platform empowers communities by allowing them to design their own currency based on their local values. 


C-notes empowers ...

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