Corporate Innovation Programs


THNK’s vision is that corporations can build industry leadership through innovation; and a corporation’s ability to innovate can be deliberately orchestrated. The biggest R.o.I. is in addressing leadership requirements. THNK has designed and facilitated bespoke innovation and leadership programs for a wide range of corporate partners.









Rajiv Ball, THNK Partner, leads our Corporate Innovation Programs. Rajiv is a former Partner at McKinsey and lecturer at the Haas School of Business Berkeley.


Innovation in Practice

Our corporate innovation programs are focused on developing the unique innovation opportunities within individual organizations. Each program combines a tailored blend of design thinking, strategy thinking, entrepreneurship and leadership. Every program is highly experiential, based on learning-by-doing.


Participants learn to deal with specific business opportunities, applying a structured innovation process that allows insights and ideas to be rapidly translated into cost effective concepts, prototypes and business models.


Participants will be equipped with tried-and-tested tools, and frameworks (including online tools) that can be used continuously after the program ends. Every program is delivered and facilitated by our team of Master Practitioners, each have at least 15 years plus experience.


To ensure each partnership yields the desired return on investment and impact, program locations, dates and goals are flexible.


Focused on Impact

We deliver four service lines:


  • Front line innovation” delivers a continuous flow of product and service innovations that collectively form a growth engine. We support front line executives in your organization to develop the capabilities and embed the process that unlock a continuous flow of innovations. Our collaboration tool “Pulse” provides a virtual platform for your innovation teams to co-create.
  • Game Changer” creates product, service and business model innovations that result in new enterprises. We support senior executives in the process of broad exploration, development of big visions – high potential new business opportunities – and embark on new business incubation with you. To explore the possibilities of what a Game Changer can mean for your organization, we suggest organizing a one-day Reframe for Innovation workshopFind out more.
  • Innovation DNA” provides a holistic transformation program to create an innovation culture in your organization. We conduct a culture assessment, work with you to define which elements of innovation culture can be leveraged and which need to be strengthened. We have a rich array of human-centric games and interventions to help you with the “soft” elements of culture change plus linkage to the “hard” elements – incentives, structure, and strategy.
  • “Innovation Leaders” is a fully customized program for building senior leaders who can lead innovation and change within your organization. All our Innovation Leaders programs start by understanding the qualities of the leaders that you are trying to build; and from that, we design and deliver a tailored leadership curriculum to meet those specific needs.







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Program Experience

Watch Vodafone share their experience of working with THNK on enterprise innovation below.

How do you generate breakthrough business concepts?

How do you orchestrate your company’s ecosystem to nurture innovation?

How do you instill an innovation drive within your organization?

How do you lead your teams to conceive and grow innovative solutions?

How do you build disruptive businesses that positively impact the bottom line?


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