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for creative leaders

We bring together groups of 35 participants – creative innovation leaders from across sectors and industries.


We look for commercial entrepreneurs, social change leaders and corporate innovation managers who hold a leadership position with significant strategic responsibility, and are active in a transformational area. THNK participants are visionary, filled with a wealth of ideas. They have an affinity with technology, are entrepreneurial, have international experience and a global outlook. They are passionate and societally focused.


Our participants are leaders with truly big ambitions to scale their own enterprise projects.



Focus on Innovation

Dubbed by Stanford University as “the future of higher education”, we stand for creativity, business model innovation, and entrepreneurship for social impact.  While a ‘B-School’ professionalizes management and a ‘D-School’ does the same for product design, THNK is a ‘C-School’ that applies creativity for positive change at scale.

Blended with your leadership pursuit

Our program consists of 3-4 intensive modules of 7 to 10 days each. During these modules you are full-time involved in the program.


There is significant time in between modules (typically about 2 months), which gives you the opportunity to apply the new insights, and skills you have learned.


creative leadership program elements

No lecturers but master practitioners working with you as peers. No classrooms, but flexible workspace, which we like to call our THNK Home. Our experiential learning program consists of four elements. Quest: tailored personal leadership development through intensive coaching from professional coaches and peers. Forum: authentic and courageous conversations with global creative leaders. Challenges: real-life projects with leading corporate partners to learn how to develop innovative solutions on large societal topics. Accelerator: mentoring and coaching to help you accelerating the enterprise you are building.


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THNK Campus Locations


Amsterdam is a vibrant, entrepreneurial, international city, with a focus on well-being and personal vitality.  During our 6-month program Amsterdam provides an ideal location to explore our two Challenge topics: how might we create high quality of life in the cities of the future?  And how might we empower and enable ourselves to improve our personal health and well-being?





Amsterdam Class #9 Dates

We are currently accepting applications for Creative Leadership Program Class #9. Module dates are:

  • Module 1 19 Mar – 25 Mar (2016)
  • Module 2 13 May – 20 May
  • Module 3 24 Jun – 30 Jun
  • Module 4  5 Sep – 11 Sep


Building from its position as a city that regularly tops international rankings of urban livability, Vancouver provides a sandbox for exploring the question “What’s next for the planet and for capitalism?” During our 6-month program, participants in Vancouver will explore two challenge themes: how might we use our natural resources to ensure long-term viability of our eco-systems? And how might we develop, produce and trade in new ways to create shared value for planet, people and profit?


Vancouver Class #3 Dates

We are currently accepting applications for Class #3. Module dates are:

  • Module 1  Jan 28 – Feb 4, 2016
  • Module 2  Mar 12 – Mar 18, 2016
  • Module 3  April 23 – April 30, 2016
  • Module 4  June 12 – June 19, 2016




Lisbon’s identity has always been shaped by water from being an early sea-faring nation today where water use and management practices are among the best in the world. During our 5-month program, with an optional Accelerator Lisbon provides the launchpad for exploring themes relating to the “blue planet” and, in particular, how might we ensure we benefit from clean, accessible water on our planet?




Lisbon Class #2 Dates

We are currently accepting applications for Class #2. Module dates of Class #2 are:

  • Module 1: February 18-23
  • Module 2: March 31 – April 5
  • Module 3: May 5-10




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