Join the next group of aspiring creative leaders from a mixture of commercial, corporate and social enterprise worlds.

Work together with peers and master practitioners to further grow your creative leadership competencies and develop a range of innovative ventures to solve today’s biggest societal challenges.

How does it work?

Tools and Methodology

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A highly experienced cohort of master practitioners will guide you through our unique and internationally recognized curriculum which is rooted in experiential learning. Become equipped with a range of tools and mindsets to lead breakthrough innovation.

You’ll receive one-on-one coaching sessions from experience coaches to help develop your leadership skills and your socially impactful entrepreneurial venture.

Gain access to a community of over 400 creative leaders from around the world. They will become your co-founders, collaborators, and peer coaches, with bonds that will last a lifetime.

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What will I work on?

Work in real-time on your biggest leadership learning points and personal endeavor projects. Master practitioners and coaches work with you as peers in flexible workspaces, which we like to call our THNK Homes. This experiential learning process has a dual focus.

Our research shows that around the world, startups have a 50% survival rate, of which just 0.4% scale up. These Scale-ups are characterized by two elements: teams of true creative leaders and innovative enterprise concepts. We develop both elements through the pillars of Quest and Endeavor.

Participants collaborate and learn from each other through Challenge topics with the specific goal of developing legitimate triple bottom line solutions to the societal issues presented. This process offers the opportunity to explore new mindsets and skills in a safe sandbox environment.

In many past classes, Challenges have catalyzed a number of entrepreneurial projects that participants have chosen to pursue full-time. Below are the current Challenge topics that our global THNK Homes present.

Health & Wellness
Zero Carbon Cities
Refugee & Migrant Crisis
Prosperous Planet
Future of Capital(ism)
Renewable Prosperity

Which THNK Home is best for me?


Amsterdam is a vibrant, entrepreneurial, international city and the birthplace of THNK. View Amsterdam’s Challenge topics below:


Health & Wellness

Two fundamental approaches can individually and collectively be utilised and built upon to promote health: prevention and repair. In the near future, scientific development will make both these approaches infinitely more effective with the mapping of the human genome. We therefore attempt to tackle the broadly reaching chronic medical conditions that cause great human suffering and overall astronomical societal costs.


Zero Carbon Cities

As complex as a plan for a new city, or as a simple as improvements to a cook stove design, using new technologies and renewable energies can increase energy efficiency or change consumer behaviour. As CO2 levels become unsustainable for society, we explore a wide range different approaches to reducing or preventing emission of greenhouse gases.


Refugee & Migrant Crisis

As approximately 1% of the world’s population is displaced, due to war, natural disasters, famine, climate change, failed states and poverty, it becomes necessary to reframe procedures and unsuccessful integration. Political polarization in asylum countries, estranged populaces, and restrictive regulations are our obstacles as we attempt to reduce the enormous loss of human potential that this growing issue creates.


Program Dates:
Module 1: 10 Sep – 16 Sep, 2016
Module 2: 4 Nov – 11 Nov, 2016
Module 3: 13 Jan – 20 Jan, 2017
Module 4: 6 Mar – 12 Mar, 2017

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Regularly topping international rankings of urban livability, Vancouver provides a perfect sandbox for social focussed innovation.


Prosperous Planet

From reducing the use of finite raw materials, to mitigating the impact of non-biodegradable waste and a plethora of strategies in between, it is no longer possible to ignore the delicate balance of our complex globalized ecosystem.


Future of Capital(ism)

Capitalism as we know it, even money itself, is one of the most complex systems mankind has ever created. Excitement and fear mix as so-called sharing economies, shifts in philanthropy and alternative currencies emerge, balancing possibilities with the untested nature of new models.


Program Dates:
Spring 2017

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Shaped by water as an early sea-faring nation, Lisbon’s cultural identity is both fluid and explorative.


Renewable Prosperity

Renewable Prosperity pulls for creative solutions for our future, within connectivity (the Internet), water, energy, food, health, useful materials, and work, that thrive on the interest without tapping into the Planet’s capital, making the most of endogenous resources for societal resilience.


Program Dates:
Module 1: Feb 23 – Feb 28, 2017
Module 2: April 6 – April 11, 2017
Module 3: May 18 – May 23, 2017
Module 4: No 4th module

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Ashoka Fellow

Peter Mandeno,

Founder at dotworks

“THNK has had a huge impact on me personally and professionally to truly find my passion and purpose whilst giving me tools to transform the way I work.”

“THNK provided me with the insights of the missing piece of the puzzle for me to take my social enterprise to the next level of impact; to step into the black hole and to confidently connect with crazy, talented THNKers.”

“I love to play at the intersection of culture and industry. THNK has become an incredible global playground of opportunity.”

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