creative leadership program

a transformational experience

THNK is a leading international school of creative leadership. Our creative leadership program is a part-time executive education program for creative leaders who want to realize their full potential and bring significant ideas to market. THNK is not a Business School or a Design School. We take a different approach to leadership, creativity & innovation.

  • We believe in the power of transformative education.
  • We recruit individuals who are leaders in their own right who want to create an even bigger impact as a leader.
  • We offer a unique experience by bringing together 35 participants from across sectors and industries to come up with new insights and solutions to some of the most pressing societal challenges we currently face.
  • Our participants are leaders with truly big ambitions to scale their own projects.

creative leadership program elements

The program consists of four interconnected elements – Forum, QuestChallenge, and Accelerator. Read below about how these components help you to drive innovation in your organization.


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 Amsterdam Vancouver Lisbon

Amsterdam Class #7 Dates

We have limited seats available for Creative Leadership Program Class #7. Module dates are:

  • Module 1  March 21 – March 27
  • Module 2  May 1 – May 8
  • Module 3  June 19 – June 26
  • Module 4  Sept 21 – Sept 27

Amsterdam Class #8 Dates

We started recruiting for Creative Leadership Program Class #8. Module dates are:

  • Module 1 26 Sep – 2 Oct (2015)
  • Module 2 20 Nov – 27 Nov
  • Module 3 15 Jan – 22 Jan (2016)
  • Module 4  14 Mar – 20 Mar

Vancouver Class #2 Dates

We are currently recruiting for Creative Leadership Program Class #2 in Vancouver. Module dates are:

  • Module 1  June 18 – 25, 2015
  • Module 2  September 12 – 18, 2015
  • Module 3  Nov 7 – 14, 2015
  • Module 4  January 23 – 29, 2016

Lisbon Class #1 Dates

  • Module 1: February 19-24th
  • Module 2: April 9-14th
  • Module 3: May 21-26th

Through our creative leadership program

  • We are developing the next generation of creative leaders that will have a significant impact in our world.
  • Our participants and our faculty work together to create innovative solutions to large societal challenges.


Terms & Conditions

Meet all participants

Meet them


The creative leadership program is experiential learning

  • No lectures, but Forum Sessionsauthentic and courageous conversations with global creative leaders and leading experts.
  • Not just feedback, but Quest: tailored personal development through intensive coaching from professional coaches and peers.
  • No case studies, but Challenges: real-life projects with leading corporate partners to develop innovative solutions on large societal topics.
  • No graduation ceremony, but a 12-month Accelerator phase where we support you with implementing what you learned and accelerating your project.
  • No tests & grades, but real acceleration of your project, or venture.
  • No teachers, but top notch master practitioners working with you as peers.
  • No classrooms, but a real creative, inspiring environment and truly flexible workspace, we like to call our THNK Home.




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