Want to set up a meeting to find out more about participating in one of our programs? Please submit the form above to connect with a THNK global program advisor by phone, Skype or in person.

Our teams of global program advisors are experienced and dedicated to a variety of areas related to social change, entrepreneurship and business innovation. They are keen to understand your situation, plans and needs in order to recommend the perfect THNK opportunity for you or your organization.


Whether you are a commercial entrepreneur, work in a corporate environment, or are a social innovator, our programs are designed for professional leaders that hold a significant strategic responsibility, and are active in a transformational / growth area.


With each new class that experiences the THNK School of Creative Leadership, our community of visionaries expands and evolves. Each member of our community contributes a wealth of ideas and an openness to collaboration.


Our objective is never to simply fill a classroom. We ensure every new member of our community has the capacity and passion to innovate creative solutions to the world’s biggest social challenges.




Meet our Global Program Advisors

Lisa Ring

Lisa Ring (Amsterdam)
Phone: +31 6 30 70 51 22
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Ben Tirone Nunes (Lisbon)
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3 Steps to joining a THNK Program



Step 1: establish a contact

Send us your contact details to schedule a call or meeting. We will take a look at your LinkedIn and confirm a time and date to connect.



Step 2: explore opportunity

We will discuss your passion, perceived purpose, and future aspirations to determine the right program for your personal or organization’s needs. This can take place by phone or Skype, and we always welcome in-person meetings at our various THNK Homes around the world!


If applying for our Creative Leadership Program, an important topic during this discussion is your Endeavor plan. This could be to lead a break-through innovation within your organization, to accelerate the growth of your business or social enterprise, or to kick-start a new venture with significant potential. The most important question for us at this stage is what are your growth plans, and how can the THNK program and community help foster these?



Step 3: decide on location and timing

We will discuss the best choice of THNK location for you. Our locations focus and specialize on a number of different Challenge topics, which result in slight differences in curriculum and program length.


Our Creative Leader Programs start at different times throughout the year around the world, therefore we like to ensure your program participation coincides with the right phase of development of your chosen Endeavor project. Establishing the optimal fit will return greater impact.


Tuition fees are program specific. This covers all materials, food, beverages and instruction for individual modules and courses. Costs for our annual festivals, travel and accommodation are not included in the tuition fee as these vary according to individual participant needs. We have also have a limited number of partial scholarships are available.


During the time between expressing your interest in a THNK program and talking with a member of our team, you can read through our FAQs for more info.



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