Forum Sessions



During Forum sessions, experts who are at the top of their game, and those who are pioneering or disrupting their fields, spend an entire evening with THNK Creative Leadership Program participants in an interactive setting. Learn by engaging in stimulating workshops and inspiring discussions.



No lectures, no presentations but deep reflection on personal life stories, on success and failure, luck and resilience. Joint exploration of potential futures and co-creation of exciting ideas. From intimate fireside chats to live experiments, Forum sessions seek to investigate a wide range of topics, give participants a deeper understanding of different perspectives creative leadership, and provide them with direct access to engaging leaders.




Watch our video playlist of past Forum Sessions below:








Real discussion

At the THNK Forum you don’t just see and hear the game-changers of this world – you challenge and connect with them. Before any session, you receive information about the guest, his or her views and the topic at hand. Our Forum guests are not allowed to bring Powerpoint presentations or just re-iterate their TED talk. Instead you get to engage with them in groups, conduct live experiments or do workshops. As a participant you are always in the lead.



Impressive lineup

Over the past years we have had the most impressive Forum Guests. Benjamin Zander, Bruce Sterling, Esther Wojcicki, Jose Maria Figueres, Steve Howard, and Werner Vogels,  just to name a few.


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