The Quest phase of the Creative Leadership Program is centred on your own personalized journey, helping you to unlock your full potential as a creative leader through self-assessments and one-on-one mentoring with master practitioners.




We start the journey for each participant with a THNK 360 Mirror assessment, a “360 degrees” assessment including self-reflection on THNK’s five key elements of creative leadership:


(1) Passion and purpose

(2) Explorative mindset

(3) Envisioning a better future

(4) Orchestrating the creative team

(5) Driving break-through change


We believe these are the five key leadership ingredients that creative leaders draw on and combine in their unique way.


360 Mirror


This assessment tool designed by THNK, enables you to decipher your own leadership profile and thereby set your personal learning agenda. Returning to the 360 Mirror at regular intervals throughout the program enables you to track your own progression as a creative leader.


Try the 360 mirror








A unique element of the Creative Leadership Program is your personal coach. THNK coaches are professional coaches brought up in the school of life and deeply versed in creative leadership development. They are your companions on the Quest for the entire duration of the program. Experiential exercises during the program modules strengthen your competencies as a creative leader, while your coach stimulates you to build further your creative leadership during the time in between the modules.


The mission of your coach is to support you to unlock your full potential as a creative leader. Expect them to be honest, reflective, challenging, and provocative in helping you reflect on where you are, set goals for the future, and make progress toward those goals. Your coach will take you “to the edge” – where rich learning often takes place – but also provides you with a safe haven when you need it.


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