ScaleUpNation support “impact scale-ups”. These are young, innovative enterprises of high societal relevance, with potential to grow to scale and an attractive business model. We focus on three sectors: Greentech; Sustainability, Smart City; Mobility, and Healthtech. We look for enterprises with international scope and who (want to) have their base in the Netherlands.



We provide 3 years of intensive support (5x the typical support of a VC). Support includes leadership development, business model design, internationalization, functional skill building, management best practices and guidance to financing.


The Runway Program is where it all starts. In this program we provide you with key insights on how to successfully scale. It also allows us to get to know you better and to determine whether you are prepared for the Main program.


If your enterprise has major scale-up potential, if you fit our scope, and if you are committed to double down on your leadership development, we provide the support in our program to maximize your chance of success. The Runway Program consists of four intense 1.5-day workshops starting in December 2016. We promise there will be no lectures, no class assignments, but a fully interactive experience.


If you are interested to know more, participate or otherwise get involved, see of please contact Menno van Dijk,












“As business angel and Dutch citizen it is clear to me that we face a shortage of rapidly growing enterprises. The Netherlands needs more companies that disrupt existing industies and create employment. If ScaleUpNation is indeed launched, I, together with my partners, would love to invest in each of the selected ventures. Fantastic initiative.”

Jochum Jarigsma (Entrepreneur and investor, Next Stage Venture Fund)



“I think this is a fantastic plan that can have a lot of impact. It’s great for a firm to receive all this in one package. I cannot imagine firms wouldn’t want this.”

Timon Rutten (CEO of eFaqt and previously co-founder of International Bike Group incl. Hans Struijk Fietsen)



“Great ideas and relevant proposal for scale-up support.”

Janneke Bik (Investment partner at Dutch Greentech Fund, 41 Mln EUR Capital under Management)



“I recognize the underlying problem: we have a great many start-ups with potential but too few of them develop to a significant and international scale.”

Krijn Reitsma (Reitsma & Wertheim & Partners)



“Great objective.”

Kees Wesdorp (Executive Vice President at Bain Capital, 75 Bn USD Capital under Management)



“This is a really good initiative and it would be great if it becomes successful!”

Roel Janssen (Director Global Ventures at Rocket Internet, market capitalization of 4.6bn EUR)



“It’s an interesting concept to help firms grow to the next phase while currently most input goes into earlier stages of growth.”

Marili ‘t Hooft (Owner at Fast Forward Ventures)



“Interesting approach that can deliver the expected results.”

Tatiana Chopova (Managing Director at AlpInvest, Capital under Management 48 bn EUR)



“It’s an excellent proposal. The idea of offering intensive support to scale-ups is attractive, and no other group is better at facilitating this than THNK, McKinsey and New Venture.”

Vanessa Liu (COO at Trigger Media Group)



“My compliments for this proposal.”

Annelies van Zutphen (former Partner at the Boston Consultancy Group)