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Closing the gap on your innovation performance

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THNK and Collaborne have teamed-up to combine proven innovation methodology with cutting-edge digital technology into an out-of-the-box solution that will let your organization generate growth through innovation.



Innovate like the best

Hardwire innovative thinking into your organization. Full-suite design thinking process, content, and tooling built into an end-to-end solution for effective and game-changing innovation management.


Innovation know-how and tools are delivered within the process at the right time and to the right people.


This offering lets everyone securely take part in your innovation process in meaningful ways – coworkers as well as suppliers, customers, and other partners of your value chain. The solution is accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Innovation Playbook

Innovation together business model innovation

Innovate better, together

Tap the collective know-how by drawing the right people and experts from across the organization into the innovation process at the right time. Create purposeful and contextual participation.

Innovation Explorer

Is anyone working on the topic you have in mind? How is prototyping for the team in Japan going? What ideas are being scaled this quarter?


With Innovation Explorer you can now answer questions that were previously considered beyond your reach. You can explore the innovation funnel using powerful search and analytics for improved visibility and transparency. Gain insights and uncover data that you did not even know you had – remember the ideas on Post-its!


Innovation Explorer mimics your thinking and offers you the opportunity to find insights in new and emerging types of innovation data and content.


Innovation analytics

Signals Analytics delivers real-time metrics and scorecards that drive actions, accelerate the innovation process, and improve your innovation performance. Real-time actionable analytics provide visibility into your innovation performance letting you steer your efforts.


Rich data visualization capabilities provided by Signals turn data into your new best friend by making it simple and fun to crunch.


Innovate whenever, wherever

Publish insights on the go, contribute to ideas from your mobile, and keep in touch with ongoing prototypes at all times. Native apps for iOS and Android and a full feature web app for Blackberry and Windows devices let you innovate whenever, wherever.


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Innovate securely

This zero-training solution lets you securely and in a controlled way involve suppliers, customers, and other partners of your value chain in your innovation process. Capitalize on insights and ideas outside the four walls of your organization.

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