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The 21st century will be defined by purpose and collaboration. THNK believes the movement of our time is to respond to the ills caused by post-industrial growth with big ideas powered by big heart. Our problems are beyond what any single leader can tackle. Working collaboratively, we will find the right solutions to make our world a better place.

In 2012, we gave our dream a name: THNK. Taking the “I” out of THINK gives us the humility and license to innovate without ego. Our dream becomes reality by propelling Creative Leaders. Perhaps you are a social change leader, a politician, a scientist, a corporate executive, or an entrepreneur. It really doesn’t matter. The question is: will you step up? Join us.

THNK- About Us
THNK Co-founder Menno van Dijk toasts the opening of our new Amsterdam Home with the THNK Community at FSTVL 2015

We develop and support creative leadership around the world with the purpose to resolve large societal challenges.

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THNK embodies the DNA of its first home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: international orientation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and active citizenship. Our network of staff, faculty, and participants is truly international, with a reach that extends beyond 50 countries.


THNK comes to life through our experiences and stories, and in our daily decisions, routines and rituals. We aim to combine complementary and contrasting qualities. It’s not about finding the middle point but rather striving to reach the poles—mastering this tension is how we grow.

The Way We Work

Our culture is felt and understood through experiences and stories.


We find the best ideas through passionate debate and the creative collision of perspectives. We inspire each other in an open way, free of fear. We aspire a state of flow where true creation occurs.


We are always engaged in the present, fully grounded in the here and now. Yet we never lose our focus on a bold vision for a better future.


We strategize our best path forward while we take full advantage of the opportunities resulting from our serendipitous encounters.


The company we keep is one of admiration and trust. We are self-aware as individuals and as a collective. We give each other constructive feedback. No one is perfect but as a team we can be.


We have independent opinions and are never afraid to challenge each other. Yet we have deep respect for diversity of viewpoints and are always open to learn and reframe our beliefs.


THNK is in perpetual beta. We are adaptive to experimentation and appreciate the learning that comes from failure. At the same time we always strive for perfection in execution.


We move at high speed where possible and favor trial and error over deliberation. At the same time we move slowly where needed to protect our independence and values.

A Brief History

THNK was founded as a joint initiative of the business and creative sectors, and in cooperation with the Dutch Prime Minister and the Dutch Innovation Platform. In 2010, THNK was officially established in the mayor’s residence, receiving more than €6 million of initial capital from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the City of Amsterdam and the Province of North Holland. We also received significant support from our launching partners, which include McKinsey & Company, Droog Design, Vodafone, Stanford d.school, and Philips Design.

THNK embodies the DNA of its first home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: internationally orientation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and active citizenship. Our community of staff, faculty, and participants is truly international, with a reach that extends beyond 40 countries.

We launched our first Program in March 2012. Almost 500 participants have taken part in our Creative Leadership Program and thousands more have joined our in-company and online programs. At the end of 2014, we opened our first international locations in Vancouver and Lisbon. We are currently pursuing expansion to Dubai. We also offer THNK Programs in Partnership with Stanford University in California, Polifonia in Sao Paolo and the Dubai Future Academy.

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