About Us

THNK is a School of Practice and a School of Thought. THNK designs and facilitates transformational in-person learning experiences to train and support global intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in developing the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets needed to scale their impact on the world’s biggest challenges.

Through our Executive Program, we curate, convene, and nurture a diverse community of global creative leaders. Through our Custom Programs, we support organizations to take their leadership and innovation capability to the next level.


A toast to the THNK Community at our annual gathering FSTVL.

The 21st century will be defined by those who collaborate with purpose, responding with big ideas and big heart to the ills caused by post-industrial growth. Our problems are beyond what any single leader can tackle. By working together to get beyond the status quo, we will design unconventional solutions for a new path.

In 2012, we gave our dream a name: THNK.

Taking the “I” out of THINK gives us the humility and freedom to innovate without ego. We welcome entrepreneurs, scientists, corporate executives, politicians, activists—the more diverse, the better. We are a circle of future-builders.

THNK is the space in which we practice. It is our Home, our studio, and our point of expansion.

Our mission

THNK has a mission to solve the world’s largest societal challenges by supporting global leaders from all walks of life to unlock their full creative leadership potential.

These societal challenges are defined by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In perpetual beta

Creative Leaders


Diverse changemakers practice the THNK method around the world

Global Connections


THNKers collaborate and partner in multiple countries

Global Impact


THNK faculty and network offer programs, pop-ups, and events in 15 cities

International Recognition


Since our first program launched in Amsterdam 5 years ago, THNK remains the only school of its kind



THNK embodies the spirit of its Home in Amsterdam—with an orientation to global diversity, entrepreneurship, creativity, and active citizenship. Our network of staff, faculty, and participants is truly international, with a reach that extends beyond fifty countries. 



How we work together

THNK’s practice is renewed with every cohort, as we work to master the tensions of growth:



We find the best ideas with the creative collision of perspectives. We aspire to a state of openness where true creation occurs.



We are always fully grounded in the present, yet we never lose our focus on a bold vision for a better future.



We strategize the best path forward while following unexpected discoveries and opportunities.



We are self-aware as individuals and as a collective, with constructive feedback and mutual good listening.



We are never afraid to challenge each other, but with deep respect for diverse viewpoints. We are always open to reframing our beliefs.



Being in a state of perpetual beta means being adaptive to experimentation and failure while striving for perfection in execution.



We move at high-speed where possible, favouring trial and error over deliberation—while protecting our key values where needed.

A Brief History

THNK was founded as a joint initiative of the business and creative sectors, and in cooperation with the Dutch Prime Minister and the Dutch Innovation Platform. In 2010, THNK was officially established in the mayor’s residence, receiving more than €6 million of initial capital from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the City of Amsterdam and the Province of North Holland. We also received significant support from our launching partners, which include McKinsey & Company, Droog Design, Vodafone, and Stanford d.school. THNK’s Founding Dean was Stefano Marzano.

We launched our first Program in March 2012. Almost 500 participants have taken part in our Executive Leadership Program and thousands more have joined our custom and online programs. At the end of 2014, we opened our first international locations in Vancouver and Lisbon. We are currently pursuing expansion to Dubai. We also offer THNK Programs in Partnership with Stanford University in California, Polifonia in Sao Paolo and the Dubai Future Academy. We have also recently offered Pop-Up programs in Mexico City and Bogotá.

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