Acceleration Festival

Article by: Auke Ferwerda
Acceleration Festival

[emphasize-text]Acceleration Festival takes place twice a year. It marks the end of module 4, and is the official launch of the THNK acceleration phase. Moreover, the festival is a meeting place for THNK alumni across all classes, who share their talent, experience and opportunities during a very intense and inspirational three days. Some of the highlights are release night, the marketplace, hackathons and the meeting of the minds dinner.[/emphasize-text]


Release night

Release Night is one of the main acts of acceleration festival. During release night participants share update on their ‘releases’ with the entire group. They reveal successes, key learnings and important asks during a pitch of max 3 minutes.



During marketplace sessions, participants, faculty and external guests share their knowledge, experiences or grapples on a topic that relates to their acceleration project or their own leadership development.



Acceleration festival is not just about talking and networking, but doing stuff and achieving progress stand at its core. The underlying aim is to create an atmosphere of co-creation and serendipity in which participants push their acceleration concepts one step closer to success, using every resource that is at their disposal. During hackathons, participants, faculty and external guests work jointly on individual acceleration projects and team-based challenge projects that are developed into THNK Ventures.


Meeting of the Minds Dinner

During the meeting of the minds dinner, the current class completes the on-campus period while a new class of participants returns from the introduction weekend. During Meeting of the Minds, members of all classes share a festive dinner that is riddled with speeches, performances and other surprises that is always a highlight.


We are thrilled to welcome you again in a couple of weeks, and we will keep you updated. In case you have any burning questions or ideas to make it extra special, do let us know! And let's not forget: there will also be the very first Marathnk!