All it takes is changing your point of view

All it takes is changing your point of view

BOOKS | 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life, by Roger-Pol Droit (Faber and Faber: 2003).


At THNK, we believe that looking at ordinary objects and experiences in a different way is essential to thinking creatively. We believe that opportunity is around every corner and that it is often in seeing the things around us in a new light that we can make the changes that are most relevant to the way we lead. Roger-Pol Droit's recent book presents an interesting and very practical perspective on this.

In 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life, Roger-Pol Droit invites the reader to perform "experiments" that last anywhere from a moment to several hours in the hopes that these activities will give the reader a moment of awareness, if only for a few seconds. He hopes to make the experimenter uneasy in order to shift his consciousness and give him a new perspective on one of life’s many tiny moments. With that shift in viewpoint, doors may open up.


One experiment he suggests is called “Wait while doing nothing”. Another is “Meet up with friends after several years”. Still another is “Tell a stranger that she is beautiful”. The purpose of, and the thought behind, each experiment is laid out in just over a page. The duration of each experiment, props needed and the "effect" that the experiment is expected to have are listed at the outset. While these experiences have nothing directly to do with business, they have everything to do with life, and it is our lives that we carry into the business world.


Through stepping outside our comfort zone, we begin to open ourselves up to new understanding. Droit’s hope is that by changing our point of view for a moment or two, we will be nudged into exploring further. And who knows where that could lead?



Need some help doing nothing? Try this.