Announcing THNK’s starting date

Announcing THNK’s starting date

PRESS RELEASE | THNK announces the starting date of the THNK Creative Leadership Program – 18 March 2012. Our groundbreaking curriculum targets professionals from around the world, with the goal of orchestrating innovation that really matters. We are currently accepting applications for our 2012 program.


THNK was founded by former McKinsey & Company director, Menno van Dijk and Bas Verhart, cofounder of the successful international cross-media festival, PICNIC, and the Amsterdam-based creative agency, Media Republic. “Our increasingly complex world demands a new generation of creative leaders; people with vision, curiosity, empathy – and the ability to push through. THNK will offer a different perspective and a program that will make things happen.”


The THNK Creation Process
THNK’s 18-month part-time program is based in Amsterdam, and features the unique THNK Creation Process and real-life challenges brought to the table by leading businesses and organizations. Participants will work with a multi-disciplinary team of creative entrepreneurs, leading designers and CEOs of listed companies – as well as philosophers and artists – to achieve a cross-pollination aimed at inspiring true innovation that will improve the world.


Additional unique elements
In addition to the real-life challenges, the groundbreaking THNK curriculum features discussions curated by leading international experts. Participants will receive extensive personal and peer-to-peer coaching throughout the program. Another key aspect of the THNK Creative Leadership Program is the accelerator phase of the program, a 12-month period during which participants will work to realize innovative projects at home, on-the-job.


About THNK
THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, was founded in 2009 as an international educational foundation. Its creative leadership program is designed accelerate the development of creative leaders, turn global challenges and crises into opportunities, and create a more meaningful and sustainable way of life.