Bas Verhart: “Curiosity drives my sense of self-actualization”

Bas Verhart
Article by: Bas Verhart
Bas Verhart: “Curiosity drives my sense of self-actualization”

 As I have repeatedly asked myself over the years how I actually work and think myself, I have come to realize that—in fact—I have relatively little real insight into my own implicit methods. I think, feel, and naturally prototype ideas to see how they work out in practice. Over the years this has allowed me to work with hugely interesting professionals from all walks of life, the people that I like to call the "future makers", and to learn about the types of thinking that they use in order to design and create—be it products, technologies, or organizations and businesses. Inevitably, I adopt bits and pieces of these people's methods and somewhat subconsciously reproduce them into my very own and personalized brand of creative thinking.


Perhaps the most important characteristic of the way in which I work is my unrestricted urge to create new things. This is what drives my satisfaction and my sense of self-actualization. To use all of my senses to think up and then create something new is a real form of entertainment to me: it is fun! Ultimately, it is creativity that inspires me and that fulfills my urge to grow.

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