THNK co-founder Bas Verhart on THNK’s mission and vision

Bas Verhart
Article by: Bas Verhart
THNK co-founder Bas Verhart on THNK’s mission and vision

Learning new things is the best thing there is. Piecing together a school has actually taught me a tremendous amount of new stuff. The really energizing thing about initiating THNK is that we were in a position to be legitimately guided by the following question: if we were to attend the program, what would we like to learn? In fact, many of the early decision makers involved in THNK's founding process are now eager to attend THNK themselves. To me, this is the ultimate proof that THNK is actually addressing many professionals' particular needs and desires.


These needs and desires are not entirely generalize-able, which accounts for the learning process not being generic. As a result, THNK's focus will be on the individual student's personal growth objectives. Coaching plays an important part in this process. Nonetheless, there are convincing common denominators, most of them being methodology-related. For example, the capacity to lead and to activate groups of people can be cultivated, at least partially. However much I believe that you are either born a leader or you are not, there are all sorts of capabilities that you can improve in yourself to fine-tune your leadership qualities.


In this regard, one of my personal life lessons is related to the importance of (at least partial) ego elimination: your ego can be in the way of many great things and it can lead you to make the wrong decisions. By allowing others a central position in your life, you start receiving in so many different ways. "You get what you give"—this is a very true statement. For this reason, personal development will play a prominent part in THNK's post-graduate education, apart from the more hardcore technological and design processes.


Just like products and services are improved by prototyping, every individual is essentially a prototype, too. Even your own personal development will inevitably come in stages, so go ahead and join us to prototype yourself!

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