Björk, buzzcar and a green kick in the butt

Björk, buzzcar and a green kick in the butt

INITIATIVES |For the past 5 years, creative and curious people from around the world have been coming to the annual PICNIC festival for some of the most inspiring discussions and workshops. What better excuse to get out of the office! It’s impossible to see everything, so THNK Program Manager Wina Smeenk is sharing 3 of her favorite PICNIC experiences.


1. “Sound+generosity=music"
It’s like traveling through space and into infinity – with a tingle-tangle of angels singing in your ear. But then again, it’s your universe, so it’s up to you! Singer-songwriter Björk and interactive artist Scott Snibbe have created the first album app that lets listeners influence music and patterns. Biophilia (for iPhone, iPad, Sound) is a fascinating journey through galaxies of music – as you create and learn about music, find out about natural phenomena – and simply enjoy Björk’s music.



2. “Being less bad is not good.”
The author of “Cradle to Cradle”, William McDonough, came to PICNIC with a strong message – told in a way that felt like a real kick in the butt. We humans are doing bad, he told us. And we can’t just change the world by doing less bad – we have to do better. In fact, we have to do good, and think of ways to rethink our processes. Using real-life examples, I felt there was hope, and that we as THNK are actually doing something to help.
Afterwards his talk, McDonough announced the winner of the 5th Green Challenge, which he chaired. The Green Challenge is an initiative of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, to encourage and aid the invention of great new green products and services.



3. “The power of the hive”
Robin Chase, CEO of Buzzcar and co-founder and CEO of Zipcar, set up a new form of car sharing that takes advantage of the fact that many cars are only used for 1 hour per day. Such a waste of a valuable resource! By sharing our cars, you gain access to such a pool of resources. Imagine being able to pick the perfect car for each and every occasion. A sports car for dates, an old-timer for weddings, a small car for errands…


As an example, she explained that it took the hotel industry 60 years to open 4000 hotels in 60 countries. did that (and more) in just 6 years. That’s the power of the hive!



THNK congratulates PICNIC on a great festival! We not only share a founder - we also share a vision for a better future.



Author of this article: Wina Smeenk