Discover the creative leader in you with our Mirror leadership tool

Discover the creative leader in you with our Mirror leadership tool

Mirror is a comprehensive personal development 360° leadership tool we have developed. It provides insights into an individual’s creative leadership skill. In only a few steps you’ll learn about your strengths and learning edges, resulting in the ultimate chance to enhance your unique set of gifts, too. Mirror is comprehensive, provided in two parts:


  1. Self-Reflection Evaluation. You’ll complete this yourself by answering a series of questions that will challenge you to reflect on your own leadership skills.
  2. 360’ Peer Feedback. You’ll ask 6 of your peers, people you work with, or worked for to provide feedback on your creative leadership skills as well. You’ll gain a unique view of how others perceive you, and combined with Part 1, you’ll add depth to your evaluation report.


When you have completed your full evaluation, you have the opportunity to download or print the results.


Mirror has been developed internally at THNK, based on our leadership model with 5 distinctive areas of competency:


  • Orchestrating creative teams
  • Envisioning a better future
  • Inciting a positive revolution
  • Passion & purpose
  • Explorative mindset


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