Five Reasons to take your next step with THNK

Madlen Popignatova 18
November 1st, 2017
Article by: Laurel Dault
Five Reasons to take your next step with THNK

It's time for a fresh start here at THNK as we begin curating of the latest cohort creative leaders for our Executive Program.


Whether you’ve been following THNK for some time or you just learned about the program, here are five reasons you should apply for the next cohort:

1. You are a global citizen

Launched in September 2017, Amsterdam Class 12 features a globally diverse cohort typical of THNK, with 40 participants joining us from 20 different countries. While the group includes our usual international mix of creative leaders hailing from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, Class 12 features THNK’s first ever participants from Cuba and Haiti.

Five Reasons to Take your next step with THNK 3

World map depicting the home countries of Class 12 THNKers.

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2. You want to scale your Business Venture

When you apply for THNK, we ask that participants have a venture to advance through the program – be it entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial.

When considering applications, we look for individuals who have endeavors that are scaleable, innovative, and have a positive societal impact. Consider THNKer Joost de Kluijver, whose business Closing the Loop aims to ensure that e-waste such as old cellphones are collected and recycled responsibly in developing countries. Closing the Loop aims for profit, but also for ‘a world where waste is not wasted’. During his time with THNK, Joost improved Closing the Loop’s position in the telecom industry, strengthened its role as a circular frontrunner and develop its business case, all while improving his management and leadership skills.

Five Reasons to Take your next step with THNK

Joost de Kluijver works to reduce cell phone waste in Africa.


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3. You learn through experience

THNK is unlike any school you’ve attended before. With no lectures, no tests, and no formal grading system, experiential learning is central.

Participants discover a new perspective and gain empathy during an exercise called “Walk in the Shoes”. In order to deeply understand their users, we invite participants to immerse themselves in a new context and behave as the user. This immersion develops a deep understanding of the user’s frustrations, delights, beliefs, aspirations and gives informed intuition from embodied experience, far more than could be discovered through simple observation or surveys.

Participant Alex Drozdovsky took this a step further and filmed his experience while wearing our “Old Age Simulation Suit”, capturing his growing empathy as he walked the streets of Amsterdam in the shoes of his target user.

Alex Drozdovsky walks in his users’ shoes with THNK’s “old age simulation suit”

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4. You want to make a positive societal impact

With a mission to develop and support creative leaders around the world to resolve large societal challenges, THNK includes positive societal impact directly in our programming. 

Through the Executive Program, you will apply cutting-edge innovation tools to a real societal challenge. A learning-by-doing experience that allows participants to put their leadership into practice while working with peers, this aspect of the program gives THNKers the opportunity to come up with triple bottom line solutions that consider people, planet, and profit.  

During Class 12, participants explore Challenge topics related to sustainable fashion, as well as how technology can be leveraged to help people in the the third age live well. 

5. Find your Tribe

In the first days of each class, what surprises our participants most is how quickly they form serious lifelong bonds with their classmates. That deep connection, often tough to find in adulthood, extends to the entire THNK community. When you join THNK, you join a curated global network acting with shared purpose.

Here’s what Class 11 participant Kgomotso Matsunyane had to say following her first module of the Executive Program:

Kgomotso Matsunyane
Kgomotso Matsunyane
 Founder and Social Interpreter
One Man And His Dog Films
"After only one module, I’ve easily been able to apply the THNK process to my project, and the ongoing support from the faculty and THNK 11 classmates has been beyond invaluable."

To discover more reasons to apply for the Executive Program and to find out how you can become a part of this global community, visit the program page to find out if you qualify, or contact us at

The next cohort launches in March 2018.