Innovative Entrepreneur Essentials Book

Innovative Entrepreneur Essentials Book

[emphasize-text]We are happy to announce the publication of our second book: the innovative entrepreneur essentials book. The essentials have been developed together with the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that participated in our executive programs.[/emphasize-text]


The essentials cover the fundamental success factors for developing your concept or business idea into a successful enterprise. They include strategic essentials like bi-polar focus and 3 horizons, organizational essentials like organizing the top teams, values and motivational keys and operational essentials like learning loop and trading up through partnerships.


Each essential will provide you with a framework to guide your thinking, highlights the most critical insights for successful adaptation and offers you tools to develop and test your ideas before putting these into practice.


Enjoy the read and happy entrepreneuring!


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Hella Schmidt, In-company Faculty, THNK


hellaHella is excited to make things happen for the better of the world. She brings a broad blend of experiences to the Accelerator program, ranging from structural engineering at ARUP, to commercial finance at Shell, and organizational transformations at McKinsey.


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