Introducing our 2022 Impact Report

Boryana Boteva
Article by: Boryana Boteva
Introducing our 2022 Impact Report

We are thrilled to announce the release of THNK’s 2022 Impact Report!  As our first official impact report, it’s the latest step in a continuous journey to be an impact-driven organization and a benchmark to track our progress over time. You won’t find long lists of indicators or big claims in it. Instead, you’ll be learning a bit more about who we are, what we stand for, who’s in this journey with us, and where we aim to go in the near future, together.  

THNK and having a positive impact

“Impact” can be a vague term. Our task was to come up with a definition and a framework that worked for us. THNK’s mission is to achieve a critical mass of future-proof leaders who shape a better world, that’s where we want to leave the biggest mark. Our programs are at the core of how we want to accomplish that. We design and deliver experiential leadership trainings that transform and equip leaders from all geographies across many sectors with the mindsets needed to make a positive difference. While people can lead from all places, we currently focus our efforts on those who have the most reach, in particular senior leaders and those in large and/or fast-growing organizations. That’s how we think we are most effective in fulfilling our mission, being mindful of how urgently we need a different kind of leadership in order to have a chance at a better world. 

"THNK's mission is to achieve a critical mass of future-proof leaders who shape a better world, that's where we want to leave the biggest mark."
Introducing our 2022 Impact Report

THNK’s theory of change

From mission to measurement

One of the major milestones in our impact journey was becoming a certified B Corp in December 2021. In order to start the certification process, companies must score a minimum of 80 points in the B Impact Assessment (BIA) in five key areas of influence – customers, employees, local community, governance and environment. Approximately 150,000 companies from all over the world use the BIA to measure, manage, and improve their impact. The median score for ordinary businesses is 50.9. THNK has a score of 94.8. Companies have to go through a recertification process every 3 years to retain B Corp status, which requires commitment to continuous improvement. True to the B Corp movement spirit, we keep taking small steps to manage and increase our impact. This impact report concludes an important phase – our first year as a certified B Corp.

Introducing our 2022 Impact Report 1

B Corp certification score: THNK, minimum for certification, average all companies.

There are various frameworks to measure impact. The most widely-known are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While working on the report, we found out that 60% of the organizations we work with directly impact at least one of the 17 SDGs. Our ambition is that all companies we work with commit to one or more SDGs directly. And if that happens after they collaborate with THNK – we are immensely happy to play a role in it.

Introducing our 2022 Impact Report 2

Share of companies and individuals we work with having a direct impact on at least one of the SDGs.

Ensuring continuity and growing our impact

2022 was our most successful year to date – we served more organizations and participants than ever before and we realized the highest profitable growth so far. It’s an exhilarating time for THNK and our focus in the near future is on: 

  1. Expanding the accessibility of THNK through building our digital platform, going live at the end of 2023. 
  2. Developing content and faculty in order to stay relevant and be even more effective in guiding participants towards doing what’s right for the planet and its people.
  3. Further improving our impact measurement and management to increase transparency and inform decision-making. 
  4. Relaunching our open enrollment programs, tailored to individuals on their journey of personal growth and more impactful leadership. 

Last but not least, we do this together

At the heart of our motivation lies a remarkable community that inspires us every day – all the businesses we work with, the individual change makers who have gone through our programs, our faculty, staff, suppliers and all those who are on a mission to achieve meaningful social and environmental impact. 

Over the past years we have invested tremendous efforts to reach this point. The journey has been unquestionably worthwhile. And this is just the beginning. We are dedicated to doing business as a force for good and to keep on getting better at it. You are wholeheartedly invited to continue taking part in it – help us, challenge us, join us!