Jillian C. York: I THNK, therefore I am

Jillian C. York: I THNK, therefore I am

Editors note: this article originally appeared in full on Jillian York's blog.


PEOPLE | Last week, we wrapped up the first on-site session week at the THNK home for Class 2 of THNK's Creative Leadership program.


Among the group of participants is Jillian York. She is an activist-observer in the global fight for free expression. She currently serves as Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and writes regularly for several publications, including Al Jazeera and the Atlantic.


Following her return from the first week of her THNK journey, she wrote a post on her own blog talking about two insights that struck her.  You can read her full blog post here - go check it out!


She explains two points:


"1) THNK's ability to bring a set of truly magnificent global leaders to the table


"2) How intensely I'm able to see myself after just a week there"


She continues with:


"To the former…Check out the current class of participants, or if you’re too lazy, here’s a sentence: They are from more than a dozen countries and more than thirty fields.  They range in age from 30 to well past that ;)  They are all leaders.  But more interesting to me than their bios, of course, was discovering them as individuals.  The way a person with 20+ years under their belt can commiserate with a younger participant over a certain insecurity, or how a police officer and someone who works in technology policy can connect over an issue at work.  I’m no stranger to greatness: Global Voices has brought me close to environments like this and such inspirational people before, but what makes THNK unique is that its participants are all faced with similar challenges at a particular stage in their lives…that levels the playing field in such a unique way.


As to the introspection, I think I’ll need to save that for a later post.  I’ve spent a week being observed, coached, thrown into a new academic and social situation and came out the other end a better person for it."


You can read her full article on Jillian York's blog.


It's only the beginning of her THNK journey, the second week of on-site sessions in Amsterdam takes place from October 24 through November 2.