Looking back on a Taste of THNK – Lisbon

Livia Tirone
Article by: Livia Tirone
Looking back on a Taste of THNK – Lisbon

Looking back on a Taste of THNK Lisbon, Portugal

[emphasize-text]The first Taste of THNK in Lisbon took place on the second of December in the Oceanário de Lisboa, against the setting of the evening light on the Tagus River Estuary, with a group of warm, curious and very participative Lisbon based creative leaders.[/emphasize-text]


Portugal has the potential to offer excellent conditions to its talented people as soon as its endogenous and renewable resources can be put to the service of society at large. Reaching this state requires vision, competence and a capacity to innovate and to lead. THNK can play a major role, as THNK offers effective and flexible tools, a global network of highly competent people who are capable to innovate, as well as a path to enhance our individual gifts and tackle our edges – all of these essential qualities of a creative leader.


The Taste of THNK evening was an opportunity to:

  • Network with like-minded individuals who are leaders in their own right, striving for deep societal impact in Lisbon, Portugal, and beyond.
  • Play with the Reframe tool - participants were able to play with and learn about this THNK signature tool for creativity and innovation - small groups exercised with it, and reconfigured a personally held belief.
  • Find out about Coaching in the context of Quest.
  • Learn about THNK’s plans for Lisbon in 2014.


THNK Faculty visiting Lisbon

Menno van Dijk introduced the “Reframing” tool exploring the topic “Portugal has no Control over its Recovery” and coming up with multiple new perspectives on the core belief such as “Portugal is the Western Hub of Diversity”. Rajiv Ball, responsible for opening new THNK locations across the world and developing special programs for corporate clients, introduced the Quest, and participants explored topics such as “What have you given up to get to where you are today?”


Livia Tirone, THNK Forum Guest and Program Participant, in the role of local anchor, conveyed her vision regarding the role THNK can take on in Lisbon as well as her experience of THNK, giving special emphasis to Quest and the question “What do I need” as well as the effectiveness of THNK Tools in her business, family and personal life.


With the support and collaboration of the Municipality of Lisbon and the Oceanário de Lisboa, THNK is setting up a location in Lisbon, so as to create synergies between this rich and fertile Mediterranean ground and the THNK approach to creative leadership. Participants left excited, and looking forward to the arrival of the THNK Program in Lisbon.


You can read more about the schedule of the event here.


Header image: Photo source: Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/pedrosimoes7/2621957364/ Retrieved on 18 December 2013.