Online seminar on ‘Scaling – Small Smart Moves for Outsized Results’

Online seminar on ‘Scaling – Small Smart Moves for Outsized Results’

[emphasize-text]How do you achieve outstanding results with small actions? In this online seminar, provided by Freelunch, Mark Turrell will show you that with minimal efforts, tremendous results can be achieved.[/emphasize-text]


During this online seminar, Mark will share practical tools that will help you achieve this. The tools he will discuss, are based on the scientific working of networks and mass movements.


Strategist and entrepreneur, Mark Turrell  (@mark_turrel) is a Young Global Leader and a Technology Pioneer, nominated by the World Economic Forum, founder of Orcasci. Together with Menno van Dijk (co-founder & managing director of THNK), he is the author of the book 'Scaling: Small Smart Moves for outsized Results'. The book is now available on Amazon. Buy the Kindle edition here.


This #freelunch online seminar will be in English. Participation is free. You cannot attend the live webinar, but you are interested in this topic? Register here, anyway, and the recording of this seminar will be send to you by mail.


The registration form is in Dutch. However, at the bottom of the page you will see the options to register via Facebook and LinkedIn which will make things easier.


Date of this online seminar: Thursday, March 13th, 2014 at 12:15 and will last until 12:45 (CET).


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