Practicing what we preach: Growing the THNK program

Claire Taylor
Article by: Claire Taylor
Practicing what we preach: Growing the THNK program

Nothing at THNK is etched in stone. Except our vision of a future improved by a new style of leadership: creative leadership. Thanks to the wise words and critical thinking of THNK partners, potential participants and educational colleagues, we are happy to unveil the new and improved THNK program. It’s not bigger, it’s better!


When THNK co-founder, Bas Verhart, decided to face a real-life challenge, he jumped right in at the deep end! Our world and its complex and wicked problems. Nothing more and nothing less is the inspiration behind the vision of THNK. As Bas and his team explored ways to create the meaningful transformations the world needs – they realized it called for a new generation of creative leaders. And so THNK was born.


Now our program is growing – as we practice what we preach. Over the past months, THNK has presented its program prototype to international experts as well as potential participants and partners and respected educational institutions.


What did they say? You can do better!


Introducing THNK 2.0. Not bigger, but better – with a structure that works with the new type of participant we are recruiting. The most essential change is the level of experience we expect of THNK candidates. The ups and downs of life and leadership enrich people in a way that will help them get the most out of THNK. So we have shifted our focus from post-graduate to mid-career participants.


To accommodate the needs of this somewhat older group, we restructured THNK into a part-time program lasting 18 months – with short bursts of activity during “Amsterdam sessions” at THNK HQ and longer periods of work at home, on the job. So the THNK program can be more easily combined with career responsibilities.


While our vision remains the same, we have chosen a slightly different path. Thanks to the critical thinking and open exchange with people who care about the future of THNK, and the growth of creative leadership around the world.

We are always working to improve the THNK Creative Leadership Program. To join the upcoming class, visit the program page to find out if you qualify or download the program brochure to learn more.