Rachel Sinha: 10 Things I Learnt at THNK

Rachel Sinha: 10 Things I Learnt at THNK

Editors note: this article originally appeared in full on Rachel Sina's blog.


PEOPLE | Last week, Class 2 of THNK's Creative Leadership program wrapped up their first week at our Amsterdam campus - a week that marked the beginning of a journey that they won't forget.


Among the talented group of participants is Rachel Sinha. Rachel is Sustainability Manager at ICAEW and Co-Founder of The Finance Innovation Lab, a large systems change project which innovates and accelerates new forms of prosperity, for people and planet.


Following her return from the first week of the THNK journey, Rachel wrote a post on her blog documenting the 10 things she learned during the week - a week she also coined as a "mind explosion".  You can read her full blog post here - go check it out!


A synopses of the 10 things she learned follows:


  1. There is a whole world of super thinkers out there.
  2. I can reframe my assumptions.
  3. Gentle leaders are my heroes.
  4. ‘You can now print a house’
  5. What Socratic dialogue is.
  6. I’m still capable of feeling very much out of my comfort zone.
  7. Classical music can tell the story of inner transformation.
  8. The lessons of learning remain the same.
  9. The power of tracking your personal development.
  10. Other people believe we need culture that creates change.


You can read her full article on Rachel Sina's blog.


It's only the beginning of the current group of participants' THNK journey, one in which they will learn, practice, and experience so many things to stimulate a new world of creative solutions. Leaders on the edge of a breakthrough. What an amazing journey!


As THNK founding participant Roshan Paul said in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, ‘This is what higher education should look like’.