Scaling social impact: Special live virtual classroom session with Menno Van Dijk

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Article by: Courtney Lawrence
Scaling social impact: Special live virtual classroom session with Menno Van Dijk

What does scaling have to do with social impact and design? At THNK many conversations revolve around  interventions creative leaders need to cultivate to drive meaningful change. With this in mind, Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership (DSIL), a global social innovation accelerator for grassroots based entrepreneurs, asked THNK partner and Managing Director Menno Van Dijk to walk their social scalers through the most critical trends and business innovation frames.

Why focus on leaders anchored in the grassroots? As noted in the recent MIT Sloan Management Review article What Companies Can Learn From Social Scalers “social scalers are able to go well beyond the social impact normally achieved by social entrepreneurs, even in regions of the world characterized by weak institutions and non-functioning markets.” These entrepreneurs employ a grass-roots scaling strategy that can lead to national or global impact by baking scale into the business model and leveraging the dynamicism and expertise of their ecosystem.

Watch the video below where Menno uncovers deep industry insight into the elements that are impacting society, business and the environment in new ways. This session also covers technical and complementary tools to scaling organizations in general, including the Three Horizons, Bipolar Focus and Reframes that can lead to business model disruption.

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