Shock Your Body and Future

Steffie Verstappen
August 1st, 2010
Article by: Steffie Verstappen
Shock Your Body and Future

COMPETITIONS | What's your idea to BodyShock the Future?


At THNK, we believe that an entirely new kind of leadership is required to deal with the many social and economic challenges that lie ahead of us. In dealing with these challenges, various crowd-sourced competitions around the world do an excellent job of creating awareness and generating often unexpected new ideas. Good examples of such competitions are the PICNIC Green Challenge and the X-Prize. Just recently, the Institute for the Future has added another great one to the list by launching its BodyShock Competition that is focused on the improvement of both individual and public health. THNK endorses this competition greatly and challenges you to participate!


With obesity, diabetes and chronic disease rampaging populations around the world, the Institute for the Future (IFTF) is turning up the volume on global well-being by launching the first annual competition with an urgent challenge to recruit crowd-sourced designs and solutions for better health--all with the ambitious aim of remaking the future by rebooting the present.


The Institute for the Future is awarding the Roy Amara Prize for the best idea on how to transform lifestyles and the human body to improve health in the next decade: What can you envision to improve and reinvent health and well-being for the future? Anyone can enter, anyone can vote, anyone can change the future of global health.


BodyShock calls upon the public to consider innovative ways to improve individual and collective health over the next 3 to 10 years by transforming our bodies and our lifestyles. Video or graphical entries illustrating new ideas, designs, products, technologies and concepts will be accepted from people from around the world until 1 September 2010. Up to five winners will be flown to Palo Alto, California in October 2010 to present their ideas and be connected to other innovative thinkers to help bring these ideas to life. The grand prize winner will receive the IFTF Roy Amara Prize of $3,000.



Read more about BodyShock and the Institute for the Future - and be inspired by BodyShock the Future entry idea.