The Art of Letting Go – THNK as a special Kairos

Gunter Wehmeyer 2
Article by: Gunter Wehmeyer
The Art of Letting Go – THNK as a special Kairos

THOUGHTS  | Gunter Wehmeyer is a current participant in THNK’s Creative Leadership Program, in the second founding class. Born Landscape-Urbanist, Gunter has 10 years work experience in China and U.A.E. on urban/social/strategy projects redefining the essence of design for social innovation and sustainability.



A lot has been written on THNK by my fellow THNK participants about the program and now as the fourth module is on my doorstep I'm thinking back how those intense 6 months (actually only 35 days if you would be continuously at THNK) have changed me and where I still need change.


It is about those internal fights with your Ego, your inner sustainability and the ways how you should transform yourself to the new person you've been longing to become for a long time.


THNK isn't for the faint of heart, it is a very intense program where you will experience change on both professional and personal level, if you are willing change beyond what you expected at the beginning of that journey. How far do you really go with those changes? What is your purpose for joining THNK? Very probably not only to take the next step on your professional career and also not alone for learning tools for creative leadership. I think we all joined also to really change our own inner attitudes, seeing ourselves, and what we could become if we would put those changes into action.


The Greek described those special times with the word "Kairos" and with a sense of humor made a god out of that Kairos: One with a bold head and only a mop of hair at his forehead - to seize the opportunity. Today Kairos comes in different forms: Either as "the song that changed my life", or "Blink! The power of thinking without thinking". Connecting thought is that we are longing for those special moments in life where you can grab those rare new opportunities with your open hands.


But let's be honest: How can we make our time at THNK to that special Kairos time that really moves to act and change our lives from the inside out?! And is it really true that there's this one special Kairos in your life?! I doubt it and feel it is more about continuously training and preparing yourself to be ready when one moment comes, which isn't a moment at that time anymore, but true Life! And it is at those special times that we are learning the art of letting go.


The deepest and most challenging times at THNK were and are for me the talks with my leadership coach. At first I was hesitant opening up my life to her, as I thought this had no relevance to my learning points at THNK. I quickly learned that specially those personal points in my life are closely connected to the way how I want to accelerate forward with THNK and where I need to let go of hindering myself for achieving those goals. I experienced those hours were the most rewarding ones during the last six months and those where I learned the most about myself and preparing myself to truly become a creative leader.


If you are thinking about joining THNK at some point or are about to start next days with the 3rd class: I very much encourage you to look beyond the tools, strategies, challenges and forum talks you are going to work with and start digging deep into yourself. What are the points hindering yourself to become that new person, the one who is able to grasp the Kairos, getting deliberate in thoughts and actions, being inspired in new choices and going to take action by learning the art of letting go!