The fashion industry is greening along

The fashion industry is greening along

NEWS | Many industries have initiatives towards becoming more sustainable and causing less damage to the environment. Certain sectors of the auto and construction industries have advertized steps they have taken to use recycled materials and be more energy efficient. And the energy industry is exploring fuels that are more sustainable. A surprising participant in the effort towards sustainability is the fashion industry. Just last week, the Amsterdam International Fashion Week held its first Green Fashion Competition. At THNK, we applaud these efforts because we believe that they encourage designers and companies to join in the movement towards sustainability, which we think will contribute to a more sustainable world economic system.


The idea behind the Green Fashion Competition at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week is to break down the borders between sustainability in clothing and fashion that is modern and fun to wear. It was organized in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Several criteria were taken into consideration: the conservation of biodiversity, the commercialism of the designs, corporate social responsibility, profitability, and the level of innovation in the designs. Eight finalists were chosen to participate in a stunning catwalk presentation.


This year’s first and second place winners were Elsein Gringhuis, a high fashion label for women that is known for its “smart simplicity”, and OAT which makes sneakers that not only look good but are completely biodegradable. A jury made up of experts in fashion, business, and sustainability chose the winners, which were announced on 27 January 2011. The second Green Fashion Competition will take place during the 15th edition of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week in July 2011.


THNK celebrates business models and ventures that take sustainability into account. They prove what we’ve believed all along: that businesses can be environmentally responsible and successful at the same time. We hope that this is a sign of things to come.


Author of this article: Steffie Verstappen


Photography by Peter Sigter