THNK Lisbon Partners

Livia Tirone
Article by: Livia Tirone
THNK Lisbon Partners

Lisbon launches its THNK location with two founding partners: the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Municipality of Lisbon) and the Oceanário de Lisboa. Together with THNK these partnerships, build on the fertile common ground defined by the THNK mission: “support creative leadership and develop innovative solutions to large societal challenges”.


The Câmara Municipal de Lisboa aims to contribute to a new scale of global relevance by creating, attracting and retaining talents, companies, investment and strategic innovation clusters. To attain this goal, Lisbon invests in innovation transversally to promote a robust and creative economy, reaching globally and engaging with the relevant stakeholders, bridging across the public and private sectors. Beyond innovation, THNK’s ties with the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa to also embrace economy, education, social rights, housing and local development.


The Oceanário de Lisboa aims to promote knowledge of the oceans, educating visitors and the public about the necessity of protecting natural resources, by changing their daily habits. “Celebrating life on Earth with a stunning display of living creatures, evoking the complexity of diversity inhabiting the global ocean and the vital role which it plays on the health and evolution of our planet"[1] is how the Oceanário de Lisboa creates its magic and contributes to the conservation of the oceans, as a responsibility shared by all. With innovation at heart and attracting over 1 million visitors from all over the world, every year, the Oceanário de Lisboa will provide the home for all participants enrolled in THNK Lisbon Programs, for the duration of on-site modules.


Although "the Oceans, a Heritage for the Future", theme of the XXth Century's last World Fair, gave voice to the many layers of Lisbon’s dynamic relationship with the ocean, there is still room for reframing this relationship and discovering new and exciting possibilities.


In Lisbon, THNK will work on new solutions addressing real water challenges, involving participants, local partners, experts and other relevant stakeholders, applying the THNK set of tools. Have you already discovered you passion for water? We feel that peace, security and societal development are strongly supported by the way we relate to water and to innovation. Join us on this on going journey!


For more information, please contact Livia, and make sure to check the THNK Lisbon page frequently for the latest news and developments.


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[1] Francisca Menezes Ferreira in "Pavilhão dos Oceanos - Exposição Mundial de Lisboa de 1998".

Header image: photo taken by Guillermo Fdez. Source: Flickr