THNK: the future, in the present tense

January 30th, 2013
Article by: Adriana Baraldi
THNK: the future, in the present tense

THOUGHTS  | Among the current participant group of THNK’s Creative Leadership program is Adriana Baraldi. She wrote a blog post about her THNK experience and what THNK is to her, including the unique mindset when it comes to the THNK program.


During past 3 years, Adriana has worked as an independent consultant focus on marketing, strategy and innovation, as well as a university teacher, mentoring business plans, making connections, exchanging ideas and taking advantage of her international live experience and professional background in business development of multinational companies, which include activities in São Paulo, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Geneva. Adriana´s vision is on education as base for social development, creativity as a resource for innovation and innovation as an strategy for sustainable development.


Vision, leadership and values to reach a better future and to succeed with a positive social contribution. It is THNK !


It is about being flexible to seek the balance for social and economic growth, it is about sustainability, shared value, creativity and innovation demanded by the current world wide scenario in order to surf the waves of changes, have fun and be happy.


Nowadays, creativity has been called also as a resource, such as information, energy and others but there is a unique characteristic on creativity that THNK, appropriately, takes in consideration: creativity is a human phenomenon, it is people on spot.


People that should know how to deal with diversity, multicultural perspectives, ambiguity, empowerment, to grow and harvest as part of one team, dealing with unpredictability and knowing how to apply new ideas with passion and purpose. THNK is made by people and for people who work with freedom and trust each other.


THNK itself is the implementation of a different mindset in the education field, it is creativity in place for innovation, it is flow bringing development through the “next generation of creative leaders that will have a significant societal impact in our world.”


I am glad to be THNK!