THNK @ Vanity Fair Summit, Feast NYC

THNK @ Vanity Fair Summit, Feast NYC

From San Francisco to NYC, THNK will be attending two major disruptive gatherings: the Vanity Fair "New Establishment Summit" in SF and the Feast On Good conference in NYC. Big questions and a keen desire to make things happen characterize these events, with each coordinating an influx of creative doers and entrepreneurial makers all striving to discover the next big thing. We at THNK can't wait to be a part of the conversation.


This week, our team is on the move to San Francisco to attend Vanity Fair’s inaugural New Establishment Summit, “The Age of Innovation” in association with the Aspen Institute, and Feast on Good in NYC. Vancouver THNKers Amber Bezahler, Lital Marom and Nadia Nascimento will be in attendance — we’re looking forward to connecting to leaders in innovation and the transformation economy!


The New Establishment Summit asks, “What might biographer Walter Isaacson ask Tesla Motors C.E.O. Elon Musk about the future of artificial intelligence, and what do Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger think makes for great storytelling?”

THNK Vancouver Advisory Council Member, Amber Bezahler, will be exploring the answers to these questions and participating in an experience that brings together the kings and kingmakers of tech, entertainment, finance and political worlds in this intimate forum of provocative and inventive conversations.

According to Vanity Fair:

“‘For the 20th anniversary of the New Establishment, we wanted to mix things up and bring the list to life,’ said editor Graydon Carter. ‘With a lineup of unconventional pairings and panels, we’re gathering people at the top of their game in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, and Washington—it will be much like a great issue of the magazine.’ The two-day program of panels will comprise a series of conversations on topics from cyber-security to the future of journalism. Some highlights of the summit will include dialogues between Carter and Apple senior vice president of design Jonathan Ive, Netscape and Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen and Silicon Valley co-creator Mike Judge. You can see additional pairings at”

In NYC, another tribe of innovators will be gathered at Feast on Good, where THNK Director of Marketing, Nadia Nascimento and THNK Ambassador, Lital Marom, will connect to leading makers, doers and innovators around shared vision and the transformation of each other, our communities and our world. According to Feast Founder, Jerri Chou:

“Mankind is now more connected with the tools to engage millions and more potential than ever to build a brighter future. [The role of FEAST] is to inspire the next generation of doers. To empower more folks to ask why the world works the way it does. To not stop at ‘because it’s always been done that way’. To reimagine how things could be and believe that the world, and you, can do better.”

We are proud to be a part of the conversations which are helping to shape a more innovative and collaborative world, tackling some of the biggest global challenges and inspiring solutions. If you are going to be at either event, please do connect with us. We look forward to igniting conversations!


Where to find us?

Nadia Nascimento : Feast October 9-11th, New York. Twitter @nalei

Lital Marom: Feast October 9-11th, New York. Twitter: @wemovebeyond

Amber Bezahler: Vanity Fair Summit Oct 8-9, SFO. Twitter: @THNK_org

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