THNK’s vision to be shared at Big Improvement Day

Steffie Verstappen
Article by: Steffie Verstappen
THNK’s vision to be shared at Big Improvement Day

THNK is one of the sponsors of Big Improvement Day taking place in Amsterdam on January 18th!


Every year on the third Tuesday of September, the Dutch Queen delivers the Speech from the Throne which opens Parliament and focuses on the challenges facing the country. In 2008, a new tradition was created on the third Tuesday of January: Big Improvement Day (BID), which focuses on opportunities to create positive, meaningful change in the Netherlands. Positivity and creativity are the two values that form the core of this event, which brings together senior public officials, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs.


During BID, participants hear from inspiring Dutch and global leaders, share their visions and develop mutual understanding on topics related to sustainability, entrepreneurship, leadership, and education. On this unique day, fresh, new ideas are discussed, action plans are created, and inspiring partnerships are formed.


Very THNK indeed! Which is why we are pleased to be one of the sponsors of this year's Big Improvement Day. The event’s keynote speakers include Edward de Bono (creative thinker), Arko van Brakel (serial entrepreneur), Alexander Rinnooy Kan (Chair of the Dutch Social Economic Board) and Agnes Jongerius (Chair of FNV, the largest Dutch union).


Bas Verhart, Chairman of the THNK Foundation Board, will deliver an inspiring presentation outlining his vision on how education and training can support a new breed of creative leaders that is able to navigate our increasingly complex future.

Join the upcoming THNK Creative Leadership Program. Visit the program page to find out if you qualify or download the program brochure.