Top agencies jointly develop THNK’s branding

Top agencies jointly develop THNK’s branding

NEWS | Following its mantra of practising what it preaches, THNK – the Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership has begun prototyping a new, transdisciplinary creative process aimed at developing THNK’s visual identity and branding, interactive strategy, and consumer research simultaneously.


THNK has challenged three leading European creative agencies, design agency Lava, interactive agency LBi, and design research agency STBY, to work together to tackle the process from a more holistic point of view: sharing agency-specific creative methodologies, combining their different workflows and engaging in an iterative feedback process, all aimed at making THNK’s marketing activities more effective.


THNK’s education programs will take people out of their comfort zones, help them see issues from different perspectives, and encourage them to prototype new approaches. This process is no different. These agencies are the best in their individual specialty areas. By integrating their perspectives and expertise, THNK will benefit from more innovative and effective branding, which will help us position our school globally and recruit students and partners. We are also looking for some fun and chaos in the process.


Author of this article: Steffie Verstappen

Take a look at photos of the prototyping process in action here.